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Pleased to meet you. My name's Yasmin, and I'm a traveling chef making my way through Appalachia.

Yasmin Chowdhury is a potential C.A.M.P. ally and merchant found in Appalachia. She was unlockable upon reaching rank 25 of Season 3: The Scribe of Avalon, and a plan for her was released with the Night of the Moth update.


Yasmin was born and raised in Philadelphia before the Great War, spending her whole life there until she left for culinary school. It had always been her dream to own her own restaurant.[1] Yasmin originally wanted to become a chef, allegedly an act of rebellion against her parents, as they were both academics who wanted Yasmin to obtain a career in the same field. As Yasmin continued showing interest in cooking, her parents came to understand and accept that her interest in cooking was not just a phase. Yasmin's fascination in food and the culinary arts began when helping her grandmother make confectionaries known as sandesh to celebrate Yasmin's sister's birthday. After that, Yasmin assisted her grandmother in all her cooking endeavors.[2]

After the Great War, she joined a group of survivors building a settlement in the ruins of an old resort in the Poconos. For 15 years, they lived in peace before a group of raiders attacked. Those who were not killed were scattered, and the town was destroyed. Yasmin headed toward Appalachia, meeting many travelers on the way. It was the stories of the creations of Delbert Winters that ultimately guided her way.[3] Although a very unlikely event, she still holds out hope that she will reunite with her parents and her sister someday.[2]

In the time since, Yasmin has become a traveling chef who passionately collects recipes, traveling from place to place. At each stop in her travels, she stays with the locals and swaps stories and recipes, as well as teaching others how to cook. Although she wanted to open a resturaunt before the War, after moving to Appalachia, she felt it would be better to open a cooking school to help preserve the culinary arts for generations to come, as recipes that were easy to find or collect before the War were lost or forgotten after it.[4] While she has a very outgoing and bubbly personality, she is always perfectly content to keep to herself to crank out innovative new recipes that are almost always edible.

Having been in Appalachia for some time by 2103, Yasmin may take interest in a Vault Dweller's C.A.M.P. and ask to stay a while so that she can perfect local recipes, offering a wide array of plates and delicacies for anyone to enjoy. In her time in Appalachia, one of the first individuals she met was a hunter, who taught Yasmin how to spot animal tracks, while Yasmin taught her how to make meals out of any animal caught. She has furthered this knowledge into hunting, field dressing, and cooking many of the local Appalachian fauna.[5] Yasmin has also visited Helvetia, determining to visit once more after potentially being informed of Fasnacht Day.[6] She shares a similar gratitude and enthusiasm for Meat Week should she be informed of it, wanting to participate in a giant cookout and sharing secrets with the "grillmaster".[7]

Interaction with the player character

Icon interactions essential.webp
This character cannot be killed.
FO76 ui extra team.png
This character is a C.A.M.P. ally. Their associated workshop object is Yasmin's cooking stove.
FO76 ui trading team.png
This character is a vendor.
  • Accepts Bottle cap
  • Sells:
Icon interactions other.webp
This character offers miscellaneous services.

Restore hunger

Other interactions

In dialogue, the player character can ask Yasmin about rare food, give her Scorchbeast mixed meat stew and receive a Survival syringe in exchange. This interaction can only be performed once.


Apparel Weapon Other items
Grillmaster's outfit Automatic pipe pistol
15% chance of either:
Frag grenade
Molotov cocktail
15% chance:



  • When selected as an ally, Yasmin will periodically whip up a meal that will fully restore the hunger meter.
  • While staying at a C.A.M.P. as an ally, she will sell her recipes to fund her research.
  • Yasmin is the only source of Steeped black bloodleaf tea in the game, as the item cannot be crafted.

Notable quotes


Yasmin Chowdhury appears only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Steel Dawn update.



  1. Vault Dweller: "Where did you grow up?"
    Yasmin Chowdhury: "I was born in Philadelphia and spent my whole life there until culinary school. After graduating, I went back to Philly to be near my family while I started making a name for myself as a chef. My dream was to open my own restaurant."
    (Yasmin Chowdhury's dialogue)
  2. 2.0 2.1 Vault Dweller: "Why did you become a chef?"
    Yasmin Chowdhury: "I could say it was an act of rebellion against my parents. They were academics who wanted me to follow them into their field. But, they came around once they realized my interest wasn't a phase. The truth is, I've always been fascinated by food. I got my start helping Grandma make little sweets called sandesh for my sister's birthday party. I chose the shapes and the toppings. After that, if Grandma was in the kitchen, I was too. *sigh* That all feels like another lifetime now. I know it sounds foolish, but I still hope to reunite with my parents and sister again."
    (Yasmin Chowdhury's dialogue)
  3. Vault Dweller: "I've got time, and I'd like to know."
    Yasmin Chowdhury: "After the war, I joined a group of survivors building a settlement in the ruins of an old resort in the Poconos. We built my kitchen first. It was the center of town, the place you'd go for a warm meal and the company of friends after a long day. We had fifteen good years before the Raiders came. They destroyed the town and scattered those of us they didn't kill. I escaped with my notes and headed toward Appalachia. Over the years, I'd met travelers bringing back stories about the recipes locals like Delbert Winters had created. So I set out to learn more about Appalachian cooking traditions, new and old."
    (Yasmin Chowdhury's dialogue)
  4. Vault Dweller: "What do you do with them all?"
    Yasmin Chowdhury: "I trade them, of course, but I also use them to teach others how to cook for themselves. Before the war, it was easy to find a dozen versions of a dish. I want to rediscover and preserve that knowledge for those who come after us. I used to want to open my own restaurant, but now I think a cooking school would serve better."
    (Yasmin Chowdhury's dialogue)
  5. Vault Dweller: "The Wasteland is full of dangerous creatures."
    Yasmin Chowdhury: "And I've field dressed and cooked a lot of them. One of the first people I met in Appalachia was a hunter who taught me how to spot animal tracks. In return, I showed her how to make a respectable meal with anything we caught."
    (Yasmin Chowdhury's dialogue)
  6. Vault Dweller: "Check out Fasnacht in Helvetia. They have a masked parade and donuts!"
    Yasmin Chowdhury: "Helvetia? I think I've traveled through there, but now I'll definitely have to visit again. Fasnacht goes back a long way, doesn't it? It's wonderful to see people keeping the tradition alive with food and festivities!"
    (Yasmin Chowdhury's dialogue)
  7. Vault Dweller: "You've got to see Meat Week. It's a giant cookout."
    Yasmin Chowdhury: "That's exactly the kind of thing I'm looking for! I just hope the grillmaster will share their secrets with me."
    (Yasmin Chowdhury's dialogue)