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Yao guai - even our strongest hunters could not hope to kill so many. There must be a nest nearby.Waking Cloud

The yao guai cave is a location in Zion Canyon in 2281.


The yao guai cave consists of a series of small tunnels leading to a large central cavern containing three yao guai. Upon entering, the paths will fork; the uphill path to the right will dead end at two skeletons, the left hand path downhill being the only option. At the next fork, going straight will lead to a high vantage point over the central cavern. It is possible to attack from here by hopping up onto the rock blocking the view of the cavern below. An invisible barrier will block all shots unless the yao guai are against the western wall of the large cavern or near the middle. If they are below the player, then the shots will hit the invisible barrier.

Returning to the last fork and taking a left leads to a partially submerged tunnel which exits at another fork. Heading left leads to a dead end, and right leads to the large central cavern.


  • There is an option given by Daniel to seal the cave by placing explosives in three different areas. These areas appear on the Pip-Boy map.
  • If all three resident yao guai are killed prior to the quest River Monsters, they are likely to have respawned when returning to the cave during the quest.
  • The area cannot be accessed again if the mining explosives are detonated during River Monsters, although there is nothing valuable present in the cave.


The yao guai cave appears only in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Honest Hearts.