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The Yangtze Memorial is a pre-War landmark in the Mojave Wasteland in 2281.


The Yangtze Memorial honors the fallen of the Yangtze Campaign, a part of the 2073 invasion of the Chinese mainland that occurred as part of the Sino-American War. The intense fighting consumed many lives on both sides of the conflict, leading to this memorial being erected to honor American lives lost. The structure is damaged by elements and scavenging, but remains standing over two centuries after the nuclear holocaust. The names of the fallen remain visible on the faded stone. Few wastelanders remember the exact reason for the large cross being there. Now it is mostly used as a useful landmark for navigating the wasteland. At the present, it marks the edges of safe territory around Quarry Junction, after deathclaws took it over. The burial mounds and warning signs are a testament to the ferocity of the territorial reptiles.[Non-canon 1]


The memorial is in the middle of a platform surrounded by steps descending away from a central fence protecting the monument. There is a hollowed-out rock (identified by a peace sign painted on it) and three graves to the south (one containing a variety of items and two are empty). A "Warning: Deathclaws Ahead!" sign can be found to the east and an abandoned shack to the northwest. A duffle bag is located behind the warning sign.

A coyote often patrols around the memorial, though on occasion a single radscorpion may be present near the graves on the Courier's first visit. High-level radscorpions appear to the north and west, although the memorial itself can be reached in relative safety by a low-level player character.

List of honored servicemembers

  • Cpt Michael Kilpatrick
  • PFC Bruce Richardson
  • Maj Dominick Cruz
  • Sgt Alfredo Williams
  • PFC Kenneth Edwards
  • SP4 Rafael Lopez
  • SP5 George Woods
  • Sgt Antonio Warrens
  • SP4 Arfien Danko
  • SSgt Israel Michaels
  • PFC Manuel Michaelson
  • PFC Robert Kelly
  • Sgt David James
  • Sgt Lester Leonards
  • WO Francis Allen
  • Cpl Carl Channing
  • SP4 Rodolfo Franklin
  • SP4 Eugene Ronald
  • SLt Michael Smith
  • SFC Michael Allard
  • PFC Val Augustus
  • SP4 Ronald Allbright
  • (rank unknown) Laurence Justice
  • SP4 Andrew Ulysses
  • LCpl Jeremiah Liberty
  • SP5 Bobby Newhope
  • PFC Ervin Allen
  • JrCpt Charles Davies
  • LCpl Charles Webster
  • Capt Franklin Burns
  • 2Lt Dale Martin
  • Sgt Dan Brooks
  • SP5 Daniel Martin
  • Sgt Jerry Lavern
  • WO David Martin
  • 1Lt Dean Butler
  • LCpl Donald Ray
  • PFC Joseph Alencastre
  • PFC Charles Eugene Signorini
  • PFC Sampson Louis Carica
  • GySgt Orville Lemuel
  • Cpl Carl Roosevelt
  • Cpl Charles Danson
  • SP4 David Harold Wilson
  • PFC Ray George
  • Lt1c Dewey Lee Elton
  • Sgt Donald Jamison
  • PFC Elton Harrold Patrick
  • PFC Alexander Marion (Pscot?)
  • PFC Earl Alford III
  • J.H. Alexander
  • SP5 James Blair
  • SP4 Patrick James
  • SSgt Jasper Berkley
  • SSgt Laurie Leon
  • Cpl Mickey Algers
  • SP4 Richard Carlson
  • SP4 Robert Serhand (?)
  • Sgt Robert Emmet Smith
  • Ltc Robert Allridge
  • SP4 Dwayne Rogers
  • PFC John Crooney
  • 2Lt Woodrow Stamatios Jr.
  • SP5 Terry Alfstad
  • Sgt Woodrow Alferoff
  • 1Lt John Thompson
  • SP4 Ivan Germation (?)
  • LCpl John Oakfield
  • Cpl George Alfred Roberts
  • Sgt Maria Richards
  • CWD Terry Lanierd


The Yangtze Memorial appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.

Behind the scenes

The Yangtze Memorial is similar in appearance to the real world Mount Soledad Cross in La Jolla, California and is geographically situated near the real world Mojave Memorial Cross in Cima, California.


  • Playstation 3Playstation 3 As the player character approaches the memorial, they will be attacked by radscorpions (regular and giant). The screen may start to flicker black and at times go completely black apart from the health bar. This seems to be fixable by reloading a close save and/or when walking away from the memorial.[verified]
  • PCPC Playstation 3Playstation 3 When near the memorial (northwest) and are standing on top of a small cliff, Victor can sometimes be seen in mid air, before proceeding to fall to his death at the bottom of the cliff.[verified]




  1. Fallout: New Vegas Official Game Guide Collector's Edition p.383: "[4.07] Yangtze Memorial
    Most locals can't rightly remember the exact reason for the large cross on the hill northeast of Goodsprings [4.05], but it honors the fallen of the Yangtze Campaign after the Chinese invaded Alaska in 2066, and the United States fought back, deploying to the Chinese mainland in a long and bloody war that ended with the 2077 holocaust. There's a Hollowed-Out Rock here, and a warning of Deathclaws in the Quarry Junction [4.04] to the northeast. Northwest is an Abandoned Shack [4.S05] that's well worth checking out. Use the memorial as a landmark."
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