Yangtze-class submarines[1] were an achievement of Chinese technological development before the Great War, capable of penetrating enemy defense lines at sea and delivering quick and crippling nuclear strikes.


By late 2075, Chinese stealth technology far outstripped the capabilities of the United States, with a high probability that testing had commenced in the form of Chinese submersibles, nicknamed the "Ghost Fleet."[2] The Yangtze-31 launched all but one of its warheads on the eastern coast of the United States, delivering a crippling blow to Massachusetts before striking a mine, rendering the vessel incapable of completing its return journey.[3]


The Yangtze-class boasts an unorthodox design. The propellers are built around the nuclear reactor, powering the vessel and the ballistic missile launch tubes. All of the crew quarters, machine shops, and other facilities necessary for extended operations are contained within. By comparison, the middle and aft sections are much smaller. The sail contains the primary access hatch and the periscope and connects directly to the bridge, which also doubles as the access point to the primary decks of the submarine. The aft section of the submarine contains only a propeller and steering rudders.[4]


A single submarine of this type, the Yangtze, appears in Fallout 4.

Behind the scenes

The submarine is erroneously classified as a "Liao-Class Type 113" submarine in the game guide.[Non-game 1]



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