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Hey, who turned out the lights?Wild Wasteland

Y-17 trauma override harnesses are walking corpses, animated by robotic harnesses, in the Big MT in 2281.


Created in Big MT's Y-17 medical facility, the Y-17 trauma harness is a full body suit designed to automatically retrieve injured soldiers and return them to their home base.[1] The suit tracks the vital functions of the user and once a certain injury threshold is reached, it takes over their motor functions.[1]

During development, a problem encountered by scientists was that calibrating the injury threshold was challenging, proving difficult to identify when the occupant died and therefore continuing to function afterward.[2] A faulty wander state also caused the suit to replicate combat behavior, attacking sporadically.[3] One such incident occurred at the X-8 research center.[3]


The Y-17 trauma harnesses resemble walking skeletons clad in red suits with helmets. The suits have a Damage Threshold of 20, and have tanks on their backs, with a gauge above the shoulder. The harnesses are calculated to match the Courier's level and have the same amount of Hit Points as lobotomites. At higher levels they can be seen wielding heavy incinerators, Gatling lasers, Tesla cannons, Gauss rifles and plasma casters.



Named trauma harness


  • The harness is coded in the game as a humanoid non-player character and it is wearing non-playable armor. All harnesses are coded as female, and are affected by the bonus damage from the Lady Killer and Cherchez La Femme perks.
  • They are not considered to be robots or power armor, and do not take EMP damage from weapons like the pulse gun or sonic emitter.
  • Limb dismemberment will display the same visual effects as dismembering any standard humanoid non-player character, including flesh and blood.
  • It is possible to eat the corpse with the Cannibal perk.
  • The harness may contain human flesh, blood sausage or thin red paste upon death if the player character has the Them's Good Eatin' perk.
  • When decapitating one with a helmet, the helmet will break, but the skull will not come out. Gibs may include eyeballs.
  • They will display head crippled animations.
  • If using the Living Anatomy perk it can be hard to tell its HP and DT, due to the long name which causes the HP and DT values to be pushed past the bottom edge of the screen.
  • One can hear the occupant's bones rattling when it takes damage. It is subtitled as "small number of bones rattling" and "large number of bones rattling" upon death.
  • With the Wild Wasteland trait, the Y-17 master trauma harness will say "Hey, who turned out the lights?!"


Y-17 trauma override harnesses only appear in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Old World Blues.

Behind the scenes

The Wild Wasteland dialogue is a reference to the Doctor Who episodes "Silence in the Library" and "Forest of the Dead." The episodes featured a spacesuit animated by an alien, which after consuming its occupant, continued uttering the same phrase.


  • PCPC Xbox 360Xbox 360 They may not respawn after completion of Make up Your Mind or after completion of Old World Blues. [verified]
  • Playstation 3Playstation 3 Xbox 360Xbox 360 A head shot on the variation without the glass dome over the skull may still result in graphics of glass shattering from the skull. [verified]