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Look... I'm not great with words. I'm more comfortable shooting people than talking to them.

X6-88 is a Gen 3 synth and member of the Coursers in service to the Institute in the Commonwealth in Fallout 4. He is a possible companion of the Sole Survivor.


At some point prior to 2287, from the Institute's population of Gen 3 synths, X6-88 was picked out and designated a Courser, the elite class of synth designed for high-risk assault and retrieval operations above ground in the Commonwealth.

While diving into Kellogg's memories in the Memory Den, the Sole Survivor witnesses a memory of the Courser visiting Kellogg at Kellogg’s house in Diamond City, we see X6-88 ordering Kellogg to hunt down the rogue Institute scientist Virgil. Afterward, X6-88 took the child synth, S9-23 back to the Institute.

A short time before the Sole Survivor infiltrated the Institute, X6-88 was dispatched to Libertalia to retrieve the runaway synth B5-92, now known as Gabriel, the leader of the raider gang occupying Libertalia after being mind-wiped by the Railroad.

Interactions with the player character[]

Interactions overview[]

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This character is essential. Essential characters cannot be killed.
Paving the Way
This character is a permanent companion. They grant the Shield Harmonics perk.
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This character is involved in quests.

Effects of player's actions[]

  • X6-88 becomes available as a companion after completing Mankind - Redefined by attending the Directorate meeting in the Institute and starting Mass Fusion.
  • Reaching maximum affinity with X6-88 grants the Shield Harmonics perk, which offers a permanent +20 increase to Energy Resistance.
    • He likes the act of entering power armor. After this, the player character must wait at least two hours before he will like it again.
    • He also likes accepting side quests from the Institute. Note: there won't be a HUD notification about this particular trigger (can be checked on PC by clicking on him in the console and typing getav CA_Affinity before and after).
  • When completing The Nuclear Option, and if X6-88 was not sent to a settlement beforehand, he can be found in the SRB after the security lockdown is lifted along with approximately seven other coursers, and will be hostile.
    • If he was not killed during The Nuclear Option in the Synth Retention Bureau, he can possibly be found close to the Nahant Wharf.
  • X6-88 cannot be romanced.

Range of interests[]

Approvals Disapprovals
  • Saving synth Art when confronted by human Art during the random encounter.
  • Picking "Worth it" when speaking to Enrico Thompson during Pinned.
  • Picking "For the Institute" when speaking to Enrico Thompson for the second time during Pinned.
  • Destroying the Prydwen using the Minutemen's artillery during With Our Powers Combined.
  • Choosing probation for the mutineers during A House Divided.
  • Telling Justin Ayo that Doctor Binet "Will regret it" during Plugging a Leak
  • Picking "Justice comes first" when speaking to Eve during Plugging a Leak.
  • Telling Liam that he is wrong after confronting Eve during Plugging a Leak.
  • Telling Justin Ayo that the SRB needs to make sure it will never happen again during Plugging a Leak.
  • Convincing Bill Sutton to stand down during Building a Better Crop.
  • Warning Fred that he will anger the Institute if he kills Jules during the Self Admitted Synth random encounter.
  • Scaring Sinjin's men during The Silver Shroud.
  • Sparing Paladin Danse during Blind Betrayal.
  • Picking "you can't be serious" with Holly at the Slog.
  • Reminding the Nakanos that should their daughter indeed be a synth, she would be property of the Institute. Far Harbor (add-on)
  • Telling DiMA you won't make deals with him. Far Harbor (add-on)
  • Telling DiMA to drop the "Noble Leader" act when uncovering his secrets. Far Harbor (add-on)
  • Agreeing to the idea of replacing Tektus with a synth during The Way Life Should Be. Far Harbor (add-on)
  • Informing the Institute about Acadia and helping to attack it during Forbidden Knowledge. Far Harbor (add-on)



  • X6-88 is the only companion who can follow the Sole Survivor when fast traveling in and out of the Institute.
  • He is the only companion who dislikes the Sole Survivor not wearing any clothes.
  • X6-88 will become hostile if the Sole Survivor attacks synths found in the Commonwealth.
  • Upon first meeting X6 at the Nahant Wharf, if the Sole Survivor does not complete the mission or go to the location, he will follow as a second companion anywhere the Sole Survivor goes. However, he will pick fights with the Brotherhood of Steel and various other allies that spawn there.
  • He can be found at the Synth Retention Bureau area within the Institute. Depending on where one started the Synth Retention quest, he might also be in a shed at Nahant Wharf (often he will fight the BoS patrol dropped off in a scripted vertibird landing close by) or in front of a fishing boat about 100 yards due northeast of the Nordhagen Beach settlement, the north and south entrance to Libertalia respectively.
  • If X6-88 is brought to Boston Airport after the Prydwen arrives, the automated spotlight turret near the fast-travel point will track him and sound an alert even if the Brotherhood is not otherwise hostile towards him.
  • If X6-88 is dismissed while on the Prydwen, it will cause X6 to fight with the Brotherhood. X6 will not travel to the desired location until combat has ceased.
    • Unlike the Railroad, the Brotherhood won't turn hostile if he is brought to the Prydwen (unless dismissed near there).
  • Despite the hostility between the Brotherhood and the Institute - when meeting Danse, or vice versa, the two will not be hostile. Even when one of them is not recruited, and they will have a short conversation with X6 even stating he is with the Institute if the player character has X6 and tries to recruit Danse.
  • Compared to other companions, he is very neutral about how the Sole Survivor resolves side quests. He will often comment at the end of quests and even expresses his opinions, but this does not usually change his relationship values.
  • If the Sole Survivor is declared an enemy of the Institute, X6-88 will become unrecruitable and will be hostile until he is killed. This can prove to be a problem if he was sent to a settlement, as he may engage the settlers.
  • If the Sole Survivor brings X6-88 to the Railroad HQ, the Railroad will automatically turn hostile. The Railroad will also turn hostile if one brings X6-88 near the Old North Church or the fast-travel marker for the Railroad HQ in north Boston.
  • If completing The Nuclear Option by siding with the Railroad and without having been banished from the Institute, X6-88 will continue to be available as a companion. Unlike some of the other companions, he does not have any new dialogue reacting to the destruction of the Institute and will speak as if they were still allies. Bringing him to the Railroad will still cause its members to turn hostile. In this case, if one exits quickly via the door to the Old North Church without attacking any of the Railroad members, then re-enters the area, X6-88 will remain outside the door and Railroad members will revert to friendly status (even if some of the unnamed Railroad agents have been killed by X6-88).
  • He will often give hints during dialogue options which can point to how he wants the Sole Survivor to answer. He will like or sometimes even love if responding accordingly. One example of this is during Building a Better Crop where, if one answers Cedric Hopton with a threatening response as X6 implies they should, he will like it.
  • When dismissing X6 to travel with Nick Valentine, he will have a short dialogue urging Nick to watch out for "the future of the Institute," despite Nick being a "rogue" synth (as far as in not working for the Institute). Nick will respond sarcastically and X6 will then travel to wherever he was sent to.
  • X6-88 seems to actually take pride in his status as a Courser, sometimes stating "The people of the Commonwealth are terrified of Coursers. They should be."
  • After Synth Retention, the Institute Coursers will sometimes tell "Unit X6-88 speaks highly of your combat skills." and Justin Ayo will say "X6-88 was impressed with your work at Libertalia. He does not give praise lightly. Well done."
  • He will mention the Institute once had an all-robot sports event when taken to Easy City Downs.
  • He has no affinity reaction to returning the deathclaw egg to its nest during The Devil's Due but will still comment, however.
  • Upon being killed by the player character, he may say, "I can't... I can't...," "Functions terminated," or "Not... like this..."
  • He appears to be afraid of flying, as he dislikes boarding vertibirds. If taken to Skylanes Flight 1981, he will remark that he "can't think of a worse way to die" than a plane crash.
  • Unlike Nick Valentine and other synths, X6-88 has no innate damage resistance or energy resistance and is entirely reliant on armor for protection. Despite his unusually high S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats, his health is identical to that of all the other human companions, and he lacks the enhanced health and innate damage and energy resistance shown by other coursers.
  • X6 will occasionally give moderate amounts of fusion cells when talking to him, similar to MacCready giving ammo and Strong giving meats.
  • If given a Stealth Boy, X6 will use it in combat.
  • If taken to a settlement, settlers will sometimes say that they hope X6 isn't there for them. He will reply that he trusts that means he has their cooperation.
  • If sent to a settlement, X6-88 will become hostile to any BoS vertibirds, including ones the Sole Survivor uses for transportation via a vertibird signal grenade. This will cause all settlers at that settlement to also become hostile to the vertibird. This is in spite of the fact that he does not become hostile to BoS vertibirds called via a signal grenade if he is a companion.
  • X6-88 has both the highest Endurance and Perception of any companion in the game with 17 Endurance.
  • If X6-88 is sent to Boston Airport after dismissing him as a companion, he will attack the nearby Brotherhood members in an endless loop.
  • If not assigned to a settlement,X6-88 has a rather unique exit after being dismissed: he will almost immediately contact the Institute to relay him back.

Notable quotes[]

  • "Look... I'm not great with words.. I'm more comfortable shooting people, than talking to them."
  • "Good place to stock up on supplies --- if you can stand the smell" – When arriving in Diamond City to pick up Mayor McDonough's report.
  • "This was your spouse? My condolences" – when taken to Nate/Nora's corpse in Vault 111.
  • "Yes, sir/ma'am. Designation X6-88. I've already neutralized the perimeter guard. When you're ready, we can move on the main flotilla." – When meeting X6 for the first time
  • "I'm already bored." – Said usually during combat
  • "Good. I was starting to get bored." – Starting combat
  • "Two things I can't stand: heights, and getting wet." When the player starts swimming.
  • When boarding a Vertibird:
    • "All things being equal, I'd rather walk, but okay."
    • "I don't like this, sir/ma'am. One Raider with an RPG could end us."
    • "I'd feel more comfortable if this thing was built by the Institute."
  • When Dogmeat is hurt:
    • "Your pet's bleeding out here, maybe I just finish him off."
    • "Stupid animal, what were you thinking?"
    • "Oh great, dog's down again."
  • "I'm not sure the Institute needs more Deathclaws, but it's your decision." – When returning the Deathclaw egg to its nest in The Devil's Due.
  • "I've used some of these techniques." – When brought to Pickman's Gallery.
  • "A place for infant humans. I've only seen one once. It was unsettling." – When brought the Abandoned Nursery in Trinity Church.
  • "If I've learned anything since we've been running together, it's this: Holy shit, was I wrong about you. You're as tough and determined as anyone I've met. Maybe more." – During his final approval talk.
  • "Clever, using the pool like that." – At The Slog.
  • "We have very little intel on this place. The more we can learn, the better." – At Cabot House.
  • "Why store corpses? This space could be put to more efficient use." – At Wildwood Cemetery.
  • "Even I didn't know he was a synth." – During Blind Betrayal, when asked about his thoughts after speaking with Elder Maxson.
  • "Good riddance." – When dismissing Dogmeat to recruit him.
  • When swapping X6-88 with:
    • Danse: "You have the training and equipment to handle this assignment. The Institute’s future will be in good hands.", to which Danse replies: "Don't mistake my tolerance of your existence for friendship, synth. We have nothing to say to each other."
    • Deacon: "I don't know who you are, but if any harm comes to this man/woman, I'll find out, then I'll find you." to which Deacon replies: "Me? Oh, I'm nobody. But hey, don't you worry about a thing."
    • Piper: "Our files indicate that you have a tendency to get into trouble, Piper. Try to stay out of it from now on." to which Piper replies: "And who's gonna stop me? You?"
    • Cait: "I’ll be watching, Cait. If you fail to protect this man/woman, I'll know about it." to which Cait replies: "Yeah, sure… what are you gonna do? Leak oil all over me?"
    • Curie: "In my judgementIn-game spelling, punctuation and/or grammar, you're not ready for this, Curie. I hope you'll prove me wrong." to which Curie replies: "I have survived centuries more than you, monsieur."
    • Nick Valentine: "This is the future of the Institute that you’re protecting, unit. Remember that." to which Nick replies: "And we wouldn’t want to do anything to upset the Institute, would we?"
    • MacCready: "I know your reputation, MacCready. I'm confident you can handle whatever threats you encounter." To which MacCready replies: "Uh, yeah...thanks...I guess."
    • Hancock: "I hope you understand your responsibilities, Hancock." To which Hancock does not respond.
    • Codsworth: "If you fail in this assignment, Codsworth, I will personally make sure that you are dismantled and then melted down." To which Codsworth replies: "You have nothing to fear, Mister X. I am well aware of my duties."
    • Strong: "You have the potential to be an excellent bodyguard, Strong. I just hope you understand your responsibilities." To which Strong replies: "Strong protect by crushing enemies."


X6-88 appears in Fallout 4, Fallout Shelter Online, and in the Fallout: The Roleplaying Game supplement book Settler's Guide Book.

Behind the scenes[]

  • In localized versions of the game, X6-88's voice is dubbed by Paolo Sesana (Italian).


  • PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 If X6-88 falls into the water in Libertalia, he won't be able to interact with the player character and would not leave the water. This can be fixed by shooting him several times or proceeding alone to find Gabriel or simply advancing further into Libertalia.[verified]
  • PCPC When commanding X6-88 to travel to a settlement while the player character is in the Institute, he may disappear. When using the console to teleport the player character to him via the player.moveto command, the player character gets teleported to the Institute but X6 does not appear. To prevent this, simply dismiss him outside the Institute. To remedy this, pull up the console and enter prid 000e210a, then type in enable and finally moveto player [verified]
  • PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 Xbox OneXbox One Even after the player character has destroyed the Institute, X6-88 still can be found near the Nordhagen Beach settlement and still can be recruited as a companion. Moreover, dismissing him will simply make him teleport back to the Institute SRB as if it is not destroyed.[verified]
  • Playstation 4Playstation 4 X6-88 may be found wandering the Commonwealth even though he is assigned to a settlement. When found he will be hostile towards the player if the player destroyed the Institute. After fast traveling to the settlement he is assigned to, he will still be present there.[verified]
    • When found, X6-88 may be still essential, or not and may be killed.
  • PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 X6-88 may continue following the player character even when dismissed or replaced with another follower. This prevents all interaction with the Railroad. The fix is unknown.[verified]
  • PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 If X6-88 is the companion when boarding the vertibird for the Spoils of War quest and becoming enemies with the Institute, X6-88 will fall off the Prydwen, become hostile, and become invulnerable. This will become an issue after the quest completes, as he remains by Boston Airport and will distract all troops, including Liberty Prime, and one will not be able to continue.[verified]
  • PCPC If sent to a settlement in forehand, X6-88 will not become hostile if one completes the main questline with the Railroad. This could happen because of that one never technically became "enemy" with the Institute.[verified]
  • Xbox OneXbox One If X6-88 is killed, after becoming hostile with the Institute, his body may disappear and then reappear at Nahant Wharf where one first meets him.[verified]
  • Xbox OneXbox One If X6-88 is killed after the player character becomes hostile to the Institute, his body may disappear and then reappear on the beach southwest of Libertalia, next to a shored boat. [verified]
  • PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 Xbox OneXbox One Even after destroying the Institute during The Nuclear Option with X6 as a companion, he will not become hostile and will even go into the teleporter with the player character. [verified]
  • PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 Xbox OneXbox One For some reason once one is able to recruit X6-88, he will be nowhere in the Institute. The Sole Survivor can find him southwest of Libertalia and northeast of Nordhagen Beach, by a shored boat.[verified]