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When I thought sand and wind would never end... came to the crater. And there... there was an Old World facility, a weather station, at the edge, still raking the sky with electricity and generators.Ulysses

X-17 meteorological station is a location in the north region of Big MT in 2281. It is located in the northwest corner of the map, between the construction site, the Signal Hills transmitter and the X-22 botanical garden.


The entrance leads into a small office area, with an exit leading into a large warehouse. The warehouse perimeter, catwalks and staircases are patrolled by a unique Mister Gutsy robot named Ironbelly as well as a number of Mister Gutsy Mk variants.

On a raised central platform a small scale model of Higgs Village can be found. There is also a lab containing a terminal that can initiate a weather test, causing rain to fall on the model village. Once the weather test has been performed the dirt underneath the model is washed away to reveal a soggy duffle bag which contains random loot. Activating the weather test will also activate the fountain inside Higgs Village.

On the east wall of the warehouse is an elevator that leads to the roof. On the roof is a large container, a table, several filing cabinets, and several Y-17 trauma override harnesses.

Notable loot[]


  • Next to the front door to the facility, an Old World flag has been painted in blue, by Ulysses. Inside the control room for the weather test, a second Old World Flag in blue is painted on the floor in front of the map on the wall (see note below). There is a targeting reticle on the map that marks a spot 8 rows down from the top and 4 columns in from the left, the location of Ulysses' Temple.
  • A map found in the facility shows the Divide. Elijah mentions that Ulysses was interested in the X-17 meteorological station, and a terminal outside the Y-0 research center mentions an experiment that went awry near Hopeville.
  • On one wall of the facility, there is a faded poster for the television series "RALPHIE the Robot's Incredible Odyssey!" mentioned numerous times in Lonesome Road. The same poster appears in the bedroom in the Sink.
  • Southeast of X-17, on the path towards Signal Hills transmitter, there is a filing cabinet with an Old World flag painted on the side in red.
  • Looking straight up or down inside the active "weather test" will show the droplets always face the same direction relative to the player character.


The X-17 meteorological station appears in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Old World Blues and is mentioned in Ulysses log Y-17.16 in Lonesome Road.


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