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Often referred to as the "Black Devil" for its signature design, the X-02 is an advanced power armor model developed by the Enclave for it'sIn-game spelling special operations forces. With multiple skin options and custom Tesla modifications, the X-02 is a powerful tool to help you storm through the Wasteland, or bedevil it.— Store description

X-02 power armor is a set of power armor in the Fallout 4 Creation Club content "X-02 Power Armor."


Specially developed for the Enclave Department of the Army by the Enclave, the suit includes lightweight composites to give it additional speed and agility compared to other advanced power armor models.[1] The suit was in the prototype stages, being given to an elite special operations force known as the "Devil's Hand", sometime before the Brotherhood-Enclave War for use in cleansing operations and to maximize Enclave resources and strategic positions in the Capital Wasteland.[2] Sometime after the death of John Henry Eden, a member of the Devil's Hand, disillusioned by the practices of the Enclave, stole one of the modern X-02 prototypes, retreating to The Commonwealth.[3] Despite its prototypical nature, the suit could be fitted with any and all standard power armor modifications, including Tesla coils utilized on the T-60.[4]


The power armor is obtained in the Mass Pike Tunnel near the Boston Police rationing site, during the quest Speak of the Devil. The "Devil's Inferno" mod can be found in an unlocked safe in the rationing site.


  • The power armor pieces found on the suit are leveled.
  • While the power armor is the X-02 variant, it has slightly higher health per armor piece than X-01 armor would at the present level.
  • At Mk VI, the damage resistance of the X-02 is equivalent to the X-01 at Mk VI, however, it has 50 more Energy Resistance.

Behind the scenes

The Enclave soldier's recollections describe the X-02 as the Advanced Power Armor Mark II from Fallout 3.


PCPC Xbox OneXbox One When starting a new game, the "X-02 Power Armor" add-on can cause a bug where the Sole Survivor won't be able to exit Vault 111. The opening animation does not start when pressing the button and they will be stuck in the vault. Clipping through the vault door causes other bugs, like V.A.T.S. not working. Remove the X-02 add-on, start a new game, exit the vault, then add the X-02 back. [verified]



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