So happens MY family IS family Wright. Blood thicker than water and all.Orville Wright

The Wrights are a faction in New Reno in Fallout 2.


In 2241, the Wrights were the weakest family in New Reno, headed by Orville Wright. Also, unique among the New Reno mobster families, the Wrights really are all members of the same family, so they are reluctant to accept "members" from outside. The Wrights recently suffered a tragic blow in the form of the death of one of their sons, Richard Wright, who apparently died in a Jet overdose, a blow particularly hard-felt since the Wrights pride themselves on their clean living.

Orville's wife, Ethyl Wright, is the head of the New Reno temperance society. She is oblivious to the alcohol-oriented dealings of her husband. She believes that her husband has closed down the stills. In fact, he has only relocated them. Nonetheless, the Wrights' vision for New Reno is perhaps the most conservatively idealistic of the families: a city of churches and schools with a legitimate police force, rather than a city of brothels and casinos ruled by mob families. However, their thirst for vengeance for their son may cloud their idealistic tendencies if they knew who committed the act (they are confident that their son would not have voluntarily taken jet) and had the means to destroy them.

By 2281, the Wrights have become the leading family in New Reno, taking the position from the Bishop family, who, under the leadership of Mr. Bishop, won the control over the city some time after 2256. It is implied, however, that the Wrights still face fierce competition from the Bishop family. They appear to also be in a position of power along with the Van Graffs.

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In 2253, the Wright family is the survivor of a bloody turf war that shook the city of New Reno at the time of the Chosen One. After wiping out both the Bishop family and the Mordinos, the Wrights took control of the Mordino drug operation and prostitution all over the town. Though they controlled weapon trade in northern New California for a few years, they were violently knocked out of that trade by a series of brutal attacks from the Van Graff family. Neither the Van Graffs nor the Wrights are willing to fight each other now, as they know that the NCR would almost assuredly try to finish off the victor. The symbol of the Wright family is a bold W in a half-circle sun (as though rising over the horizon). The Wrights are noted to control New Reno in Clayton Ettienne's conversation but mentioned by Bruce Isaac to still be around during the events of New Vegas.

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The Wrights are mentioned in the Denver design document.

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The Wrights appear only in Fallout 2, but are briefly mentioned in Fallout: New Vegas by Clayton Ettienne in Westside and Bruce Isaac in Novac.

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