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The Wright Estate is a building in New Reno's East Side. The spacious manor that takes up much of New Reno's gentrified East Side belongs to the Wright family, housing the ever-growing clan.


Unlike the bustle of the rest of the city, the East Side neighborhood of New Reno is largely unpopulated, save for the many Wright children running about, and so enjoys a more docile life than does much of the rest of the city. The Wright family's manor covers most of the center of the block. To its north is a disused Railway Station, also the property of the Wright family.

The condition of the East Side is a reflection of the Wright family itself. The family does not condone the drug culture and rampant crime that characterize the rest of New Reno, and instead lead their lives in a relatively clean, revitalized area. There are no squatters to speak of, and the usual street collection of pimps, prostitutes, and drug dealers that are so common in the rest of New Reno are conspicuously absent in the Wrights' neighborhood.


The manor is a sprawling, single-level house. As such, it stands in stark contrast against the homes of the other New Reno families, the rest of whom reside in casinos and bars with at least two levels. The entire west side of the manor is devoted to sleeping areas for both Orville and Ethyl Wright, the family patriarch and matriarch. The other three rooms on that side of the manor are given over to dormitory-style housing for their plethora of children.

A large great room separates the two wings of the house and functions as living room, foyer, and reception area. The kitchen lies behind the great room, opening both onto the great room itself as well as the small dining room in the northeast corner. The southeast corner, however, is Orville Wright's office. Unlike the hedonistic, dilapidated offices of the other crime families, Wright keeps his office as he keeps his home - clean and gentrified. This is not to say that Wright is above the type of violence that typifies the New Reno business world, but he does keep it unobtrusive.

Predictably, with all of the family infighting that is a defining characteristic of New Reno, the Wright family home is well-guarded. Two armed guards are on duty at the front door at all times, and the adults milling about in the house are armed as well. Trouble at the house will also likely bring in reinforcements from the nearby Railway Station.


The Wright Estate appears only in Fallout 2.