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For the mentioned-only associate of Flavia Stabo, see Wren (mentioned).

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No, you look. You drop your guard around here, show weakness, these people will be all over you. This attitude of mine is what keeps me alive and respected around here... and you should learn from that, rook.— Wren

Wren is a member of the Raiders at the Crater in 2103.


Wren's father was a member of the Diehards, and Wren was born and raised as part of the gang. Facing the growing threat of the Scorched Plague, Wren and her father were amongst those who abandoned Margie McClintock and fled Appalachia under Meg Groberg's lead, with both viewing the region as a deathtrap they were only too willing to leave. Her father ultimately died sometime before 2103, outside of Appalachia.[1][3]

When Meg and the raiders chose to return to the region in 2103, Wren greatly disagreed but was eventually convinced by Meg, though she is still somewhat resentful of the choice.[4] After setting up at the Crater, Wren became the raiders' communications expert, also coordinating scouting efforts and analyzing threats in the surrounding region for security purposes.[5] The amount of work she undertakes and the lack of help she receives has left her greatly annoyed by the other raiders' seeming incompetence, and she even marvels at how their gang has managed to survive.

Because of her young age of 18, and because she is not capable of much heavy lifting, Wren is often pushed around by the other raiders. As a result, she has developed a hostile attitude towards those around her, even warning the Vault Dweller of Vault 76 that if they cross her, she will slit their throat faster than they can "cry for mommy."[2]

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Apparel Weapon Other items On death
Leather coat Random ranged weapon Stimpak x1


Wren regards the Nuka-Cola cure for the Scorched Plague produced by the Vault Dweller as "nasty."[6]


Wren appears only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Wastelanders update.


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