The workshop is part of the crafting system in Fallout 76.


Public workshops function similarly to the C.A.M.P. building system. In order to build at a public workshop, a Claim Workshop Event quest must be completed that requires the player character to clear enemies before claiming the workshop. A sum of 20-100+ caps must also be invested depending on how many non-default structures are present in the workshop.

Periodically, Defend Workshop events will trigger where the player character must defend the location from small waves of enemies. If the event is failed, a retake event is triggered and the area must be cleared of hostiles. The first Defend event usually triggers within a few minutes of claiming the workshop. No reward is given if the player character fails to engage enemies during a Defend event.

Additionally, player characters can initiate an Attack on Workshop event and attempt to usurp ownership of a workshop from the current owner. However, this can lead to some player characters triggering PvP combat to defend the workshop, or have some player characters end up becoming wanted if they kill another player character before they could fight back due to being in the workshop's build area at the time of the capture. This leaves the wanted player character to be slain and lose control of the workshop as punishment along with the bounty claimed for killing them, and whatever junk they dropped upon death as well.


Main article: Resource deposits

Each public workshop comes with a number of site materials for building that can only be used within the claimed workshop. While in build mode, the workshop materials are displayed in green, while the player character's resources are displayed in white.

Each workshop area has mineral extractors available to build that will produce resources hourly for as long as the workshop is claimed and the player character is still on the server. Extractors must be connected to a power generator (or any other power source, such as the power boxes from power plants and their substations).

Extractors have a cap on how many items can be stored and must be checked and emptied regularly in order for them to continue producing resources. For instance, a water purifier rated at 12 per hour only stores 2. The water has to be removed every 10 minutes to get 12 per hour.

Mineral extractorsEdit

  • Aluminum extractor gives 25 resources per hour
  • Concrete extractor gives 33 resources per hour
  • Fertilizer extractor gives 33 resources per hour
  • Junk extractor gives 25 resources per hour


Enemy spawns for Claim and Defend events randomize at each workshop location and include mole rats, mongrels, Liberators, super mutants, Scorched, anglers, feral ghouls, mole miners, and sometimes even Scorchbeast.


Location Region Resources Base ID
Billings homestead The Forest Copper(1), Crystal(1), Fertilizer(1), Gold(1), Food(5), Water(3) ????????
Gorge junkyard The Forest Concrete(1), junk(1), Black titanium (1), Wood(1), Food(5), Water(3) ????????
Lakeside Cabins The Forest Crystal(1), Lead(1), Silver(1), Wood(1), Food(6), Water(6) 00263595
Poseidon Energy Plant yard The Forest Aluminum(1), Concrete(1), Fusion core(3), Lead(1), Nuclear waste(1), Food(9), Water(8) ????????
Sunshine Meadows industrial farm The Forest Aluminum(1), Concrete(1), Fertilizer(3), Junk(1), Food packaging factory(1), Food(10), Water(3) ????????
Tyler County dirt track The Forest Aluminum(1), Fertilizer(1), Junk(1), Silver(3), Steel(1), Food(1), Water(3) ????????
Wade Airport The Forest Copper(1), Oil(3), Silver(1), Food(5), Water(5) ????????
Grafton steel yard Toxic Valley Copper(1), Lead(1), Oil(1), Steel(4), Food(2), Water(2) ????????
Hemlock Holes maintenance Toxic Valley Acid(3), Crystal(1), Gold(1), Food(3), Water(3) ????????
Beckley mine exhibit Ash Heap Crystal(1), Gold(1), Oil(3), Food(6), Water(8) ????????
Charleston landfill Ash Heap Aluminum(1), Copper(1), Junk(3), Steel(1), Food(6), Water(8) ????????
Mount Blair Ash Heap Variety of Ore(1), Food(9), Water(8) ????????
Converted munitions factory Savage Divide Ammo factory(1), Aluminum(1), Junk(1), Lead(1), Oil(1), Silver(1), Food(7), Water(8) 002613a0
Federal disposal field HZ-21 Savage Divide Acid(1), Nuclear waste(3), Oil(1), Food(9), Water(4) ????????
Monongah power plant yard Savage Divide Fusion core(3), Food(8), Water(9) ????????
Red Rocket Mega Stop Savage Divide Aluminum(3), Junk(1), Nuclear waste(1), Steel(1), Food(5), Water(8) ????????
Spruce Knob Savage Divide Acid(1), Copper(1), Gold(3), Food(4), Water(4) 00262207
Berkeley Springs West Savage Divide Aluminum(1), Crystal(1), Lead(1), Food(1), Water(10) ????????
Dabney homestead The Mire Concrete(1), Copper(1), Fertilizer(1), Junk(1), Wood(1), Food(6), Water(8) ????????
Dolly Sods campground The Mire Food(9), Water(7),Wood(7), Lead(1), Gold(1) 00260bde
Thunder Mountain power plant The Mire Crystal(1), Fusion core(3), Nuclear waste(1), Steel(1), Wood(1), Food(7), Water(9) ????????
Abandoned bog town Cranberry Bog Acid(1), Concrete(3), Gold(1), Oil(1), Silver(1), Food(7), Water(3) ????????

Unique workshopsEdit


  • The workshop and thus the mineral deposits at Spruce Knob are no longer available due to being buried behind the defense bulwarks of Foundation following the Wastelanders update.
  • Claimed workshops, like C.A.M.P.s provide a free fast travel location. It is not possible to fast travel to a previously discovered workshop if it is not currently claimed by the player character.
  • Claim of a workshop is removed upon leaving the server.
    • Ownership is transferred to a team member if the player character is in a group.
    • Fallout 1st Subscribing players enjoying Private Worlds could be forgiven for assuming that any workshops they build on a PW server should be safe from being claimed by other players. However, F1 players should be aware that PW servers are NOT persistent, and become inactive 30 minutes after all F1 players in your group (or yourself, if you're alone) have logged off. When next you log in, a new Private World is generated at that point; All built items from the previous temporary PW server are gone, as are the resources used to build them. Stored objects should be saved, however, so it is recommended you allow some time at the end of your game session to disassemble your workshop. (Extra Tip: Use blueprints to save the pattern of complex structures like defensive towers, for quick rebuilding! You'll still have to store them piece by piece though)
  • Built items remain on the server for up to a week for other player characters to scrap or build upon.
    • Due to server non-permanence, it is unlikely for the player character to come across their own build after leaving the server.
  • Claiming a workshop for the first time will earn the player character 10 Atoms.
  • There is no limit to the number of Workshops the player character can claim.
  • Opening a locked container or room in the location of a workshop owned by another player may incur a bounty. There is no warning. The bounty is for opening the lock. Taking loot from the container or anywhere else has no bounty. The locked container can be a considerable distance from the workshop crafting table as long as it is within the named location. Several of these were reported to Bethesda and no longer incur a bounty as of Fallout 76 patch, including the two locked trailers with power armor inside. Opening the safe on the upper floor of Billings Homestead still incurs a bounty. It appears that Bethesda will correct these individually as they are reported to them.
  • Capturing a workshop for the first time with a player character automatically unlocks the crafting plans for the various resource extractors that can be built at workshops or C.A.M.P.s if one is deployed next to a resource deposit.
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