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Workshops are part of the building system in Fallout 76.


F76 Converted Munitions Factory 5

The workshop at Converted munitions factory

Public workshops function similarly to the C.A.M.P. building system. In order to build at a public workshop, a Claim Workshop event quest must be completed, requiring the player to clear enemies before claiming the workshop. A sum of 20-100+ caps must also be invested depending on how many non-default structures are present in the workshop.

Once the workshop is under the player's ownership, that player can freely fast travel to the area. Additionally, one fast travel mat can be placed, allowing a custom fast travel point. It is not possible to fast travel to a previously discovered workshop if it is not currently claimed by the player. There is no limit to the number of workshops a single player may claim.

Workshop ownership is lost upon leaving the server, but may be transferred to a team member if the player is in a group. Stored objects are saved, and structures have to be stored piece by piece in order to be saved. Built items remain on the server for other players to scrap or build upon, but are cleared when the server is closed for maintenance. Workshops in private worlds are unchanged from the public server.


FO76 perk greasemonkey

Periodically, Defend Workshop events will trigger where the player must defend the location from small waves of enemies. If the event is failed, a retake event is triggered and the area must be cleared of hostiles. The first Defend event usually triggers within a few minutes of claiming the workshop. No reward is given if the player fails to engage enemies during a Defend event. While a defend workshop event is active, any player can fast travel to the workshop via the event marker on the map.

If the player ignores a Defend Workshop event for long enough, the quest will fail and a Retake Workshop event will take its place. The reclaim workshop event will only spawn one wave of enemies, and will not feature an event marker on the map. While the reclaim workshop event is active, the owner will not be able to enter build mode to create new objects.

Enemy spawns for Claim and Defend events are randomized for each workshop location and include the following:

Workshop enemy spawns
Workshop Initial Defend/Retake
Abandoned Bog Town Super mutants • Super mutant behemoth • Mutant hounds Anglers
Cave crickets
Mr. Handies/Gutsies
Beckley mine exhibit Mole rats Feral ghouls
Mole miners
Berkeley Springs West Scorched Anglers
Super mutants
Yao guai
Billings homestead Feral ghouls Feral ghouls
Charleston Landfill Mongrels Robots
Converted munitions factory Super mutants Mongrels
Super mutants
Dabney homestead Fog crawlers • Bloodbugs Anglers
Mirelurks • Mirelurk hunters • Mirelurk kings
Dolly Sods Campground Gulpers Anglers
Fog crawlers
Super mutants • Mutant hounds
Federal Disposal Field HZ-21 Super mutants • Mutant hounds Mongrels
Rad rats
Super mutants
Grafton Steel yard Super mutants Radscorpions
Super mutants • Mutant hounds
Gorge Junkyard Mongrels Mongrels
Hemlock Holes maintenance Anglers
Super mutants • Mutant hounds
Lakeside Cabins Scorched Mongrels
Monongah Power Plant yard Feral ghouls Liberators
Super mutants • Mutant hounds
Mount Blair Mole miners Feral ghouls
Mole miners
Poseidon Energy Plant yard Scorched Feral ghouls
Red Rocket Mega Stop Robots Mongrels
Super mutants • Mutant hounds
Sunshine Meadows industrial farm Feral ghouls Eyebots • Protectrons
Thunder Mountain Power Plant yard Scorched Anglers
Feral ghouls
Super mutants
Tyler County Dirt Track Feral ghouls Feral ghouls
Wade Airport Super mutants • Mutant hounds Mongrels


All workshops are considered to be PvP zones by the game, and a workshop owner within the workshop zone has consented to PvP by being there. Additionally, if any of the owner's teammates are within the zone, they too have consented to PvP.

In order to initiate PvP, players may hold the Workshop Mode button in order to initiate an Attack on Workshop event and attempt to usurp ownership of a workshop from the current owner. This will trigger PvP combat for the both the owner (if present) and the attacker. While both parties are within the zone, the capture bar will not progress. The defender is able to respawn at the workshop as long as the workshop has not progressed to neutral. If the attacker spends too much time outside of the zone, the progress bar will revert to 100% and they will have to pay another capture fee[clarification needed] in order to resume their attack.

If the player attempts to claim an unowned workshop while another player (who is not on their team) lingers within the zone, the capture bar will not progress. The player needs to attack the other once to properly tag them for PvP, which occurs without normal consent. Once the other player has been removed from the zone, the capture bar will progress. This is the only protection granted by Pacifist mode. Any attacking player is considered hostile by turrets.


Location Budget Power Source Resources Form ID
C.A.M.P. 500 - Food (1), Water (1), Fertilizer (1), Scavenge (1) 001A25E8
Abandoned Bog Town 1000 Thunder Mountain (1) Food (7), Water (3), Fertilizer (1), Scavenge (1), Acid (1), Concrete (3), Gold (1), Oil (1), Silver (1) 00260689
Beckley mine exhibit 1500 - Food (6), Water (8), Fertilizer (1), Scavenge (1), Crystal (1), Gold (1), Oil (3) 00264E04
Berkeley Springs West 1500 Thunder Mountain (1) Food (1), Water (10), Fertilizer (1), Scavenge (1), Aluminum (1), Crystal (1), Lead (1) 0026116B
Billings homestead 1000 Poseidon Energy (1) Food (5), Water (3), Fertilizer (1), Scavenge (1), Copper (1), Crystal (1), Gold (1) 00264931
Charleston landfill 750 - Food (6), Water (8), Fertilizer (1), Scavenge (1), Aluminum (1), Copper (1), Junk (3), Steel (1) 00264165
Converted munitions factory 1000 Monongah (1) Food (7), Water (8), Fertilizer (1), Scavenge (1), Ammo factory (1), Aluminum (1), Junk (1), Lead (1), Oil (1), Silver (1) 002613A0
Dabney homestead 1000 - Food (6), Water (8), Fertilizer (1), Scavenge (1), Concrete (1), Copper (3), Junk (1), Wood (1) 002604E7
Dolly Sods Campground 1000 - Food (9), Water (7), Fertilizer (1), Scavenge (1), Wood (3), Lead (1), Gold (1) 00260BDE
Federal Disposal Field HZ-21 2000 Monongah (1) Food (9), Water (4), Fertilizer (1), Scavenge (1), Acid (1), Nuclear waste (3), Oil (1) 00262AB6
Grafton Steel yard 1000 Poseidon Energy (1) Food (2), Water (2), Fertilizer (1), Scavenge (1), Copper (1), Lead (1), Oil (1), Steel (4) 002625BC
Gorge Junkyard 1000 - Food (5), Water (3), Fertilizer (1), Scavenge (1), Concrete (1), Junk (1), Black titanium (1), Wood (1) 002634B0
Hemlock Holes maintenance 1000 - Food (3), Water (3), Fertilizer (1), Scavenge (1), Acid (3), Crystal (1), Gold (1) 00263498
Lakeside Cabins 1500 Poseidon Energy (1) Food (6), Water (6), Fertilizer (1), Scavenge (1), Crystal (1), Lead (1), Silver (1), Wood (1) 00263595
Monongah Power Plant yard 1000 Monongah (3) Food (8), Water (9), Fertilizer (1), Scavenge (1), Fusion core (1), Acid (1), Nuclear waste (1), Silver (1), Wood (1) 002621DC
Mount Blair 1500 - Food (9), Water (8), Fertilizer (1), Scavenge (1), Variety of Ore (1) - Earth Mover 0026416D
Poseidon Energy Plant yard 750 Poseidon Energy (3) Food (9), Water (8), Fertilizer (1), Scavenge (1), Aluminum (1), Concrete (1), Fusion core (1), Lead (1), Nuclear waste (1) 0026422A
Red Rocket Mega Stop 750 Thunder Mountain (1) Food (5), Water (8), Fertilizer (1), Scavenge (1), Aluminum (3), Junk (1), Nuclear waste (1), Steel (1) 00260E28
Spruce Knob Fallout 76 removed content - - Food (4), Water (4), Fertilizer (1), Scavenge (1), Acid (1), Copper (1), Gold (3) 00262207
Sunshine Meadows industrial farm 1500 Poseidon Energy (1) Food (10), Water (3), Fertilizer (1), Scavenge (1), Aluminum (1), Concrete (1), Fertilizer (3), Junk (1), Food packaging factory (1) 002643AA
Sutton Cut content - - Food (6), Water (2), Fertilizer (1), Scavenge (1) 0009A3F1
Thunder Mountain Power Plant yard 1000 Thunder Mountain (3) Food (7), Water (9), Fertilizer (1), Scavenge (1), Crystal (1), Fusion core (1), Nuclear waste (1), Steel (1), Wood (1) 00260593
Tyler County Dirt Track 1000 - Food (1), Water (3), Fertilizer (1), Scavenge (1), Aluminum (1), Fertilizer (1), Junk (1), Silver (3), Steel (1) 002646B2
Wade Airport 2000 Poseidon Energy (1) Food (5), Water (5), Fertilizer (1), Scavenge (1), Copper (1), Oil (3), Silver (1) 00263987


Main article: Resource deposits

Each public workshop comes with a number of site materials for building that can only be used within the claimed workshop. While in build mode, the workshop materials are displayed in green, while the player's resources are displayed in white.


Main article: Mineral extractor

Each workshop area has mineral extractors available to build that will produce resources hourly for as long as the workshop is claimed and the player is still on the server. Extractors must be connected to a power generator or any other power source, such as the power boxes from power plants and their substations.

Extractor Resource Form/Edid ID Rate/minute Max cap/stored
Acid extractor (green) Waste acid WorkshopCollectorAcid
~0.33 (1 piece / 3m. ~7s.) 10
Mineral Extractor - Aluminum (red) Aluminum ore WorkshopCollectorMineralAluminum
~0.33 (1 piece / 3m. ~7s.) 25
Fusion Core Processor Fusion core ~0.14 (1 piece / ~7m) 3
Ash forge Fallout 76 unused content NA WorkshopCollectorAshforge
Mineral Extractor - Titanium (red) Black titanium ore WorkshopCollectorMineralTitanium
~0.33 (1 per 3min) 10
Coal extractor (gray) Coal WorkshopCollectorCoal
Concrete extractor (yellow) Concrete scrap WorkshopCollectorConcrete
~0.522 (1 per 1m45s) 33
Mineral Extractor - Copper (red) Copper ore WorkshopCollectorMineralCopper
0.33 10
Mineral Extractor - Crystal (red) Raw crystal WorkshopCollectorMineralCrystal
0.33 (1 piece / 3m. ~7s.) 20
Fertilizer collector (blue) Fertilizer WorkshopCollectorFertilizer
(1 piece / 1m. 45s.) 14
Mineral Extractor - Gold (red) Gold ore WorkshopCollectorMineralGold
~0.33 (1 piece / 3m. ~7s.) 14
Junk extractor (blue) Junk WorkshopCollectorJunkPile
~0.33 (1 piece / 3m. ~7s.) 25
Mineral Extractor - Lead (red) Lead scrap WorkshopCollectorMineralLead
0.5 14
Oil extractor (black) Waste oil WorkshopCollectorCrudeOil
0.33 5
Mineral Extractor - Silver (red) Silver WorkshopCollectorMineralSilver
0.33 (1 piece / 3m. ~7s.) 25
Mineral Extractor - Steel (red) Steel scrap WorkshopCollectorMineralSteel
Mineral Extractor - Nuclear (red) Uranium ore WorkshopCollectorMineralNuclear
(1 piece / 2m. ~25s.) 10
Wood extractor (orange) Wood WorkshopCollectorWoodPile


Extractors can be built at claimed public workshops and at or nearby the player character's C.A.M.P. if the corresponding resource deposits are present.

Finished product factories[]

The factories that are available for use at power plant or factory workshops cannot be constructed or moved by the player character. They can be destroyed and rendered non-functional from damage by enemies, especially during Defend Workshop events, or by other player characters during an Attack on Workshop event, and will need to be repaired before they can resume production. They require 100 electricity to function, powered by either power plant boxes if the corresponding Powering Up event was successfully completed or by generators made by the player character.


Item Located Rate/minute Max cap/stored
Fusion core Poseidon Energy Plant WV-06

Monongah Power Plant
Thunder Mountain Power Plant

.14 (1 per 7 minutes) 3 fusion cores
Food packaging factory Sunshine Meadows industrial farm .33 (1 per 3 minutes)
Ammunition Converted munitions factory

Unique workshops[]


Claiming a workshop for the first time with a player automatically unlocks the crafting plans for the various resource extractors that can be built at workshops or C.A.M.P.s if one is deployed next to a resource deposit. They will earn the player 10 Atoms.

Behind the scenes[]


PCPC Xbox OneXbox One Playstation 4Playstation 4 Unlocking the safe on the upper floor of Billings homestead while it is owned by another player will incur a bounty. Unlike picking a lock at a C.A.M.P., there is no warning.[verification overdue]