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The workhouse[1] is an unmarked location in the Commonwealth in 2287. It is located in Concord.


The workhouse is a four-story office building, the center of each floor of which is mostly gone, but there is an intact stairwell that allows the player character to navigate between the floors. On the third floor, there is a skeleton on top of a duffle bag. This location can be accessed by going to the fourth floor and crossing the ductwork, or just by jumping gingerly across to the office chair.

On the fourth floor, there is an Advanced locked safe beneath two skeletons that seem to have been strangling each other. The top of the stairs ends with a door going out to the rooftop.


Judging by the positions of the skeletons in the office on the fourth floor, it seems the clothed skeleton was strangling the non-clothed skeleton shortly before the bombs fell.


The workhouse appears only in Fallout 4.