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Wood scraps or wood piles are a junk item in Fallout 76.


These are rough piles of wood that can be used for building at a C.A.M.P.. They are equivalent to wood and will convert when crafting at a 1:1 ratio. They cannot be sold to vendors until they have been bulked at a tinker's workbench. They are most commonly found in wood logs or piles and their yield is randomized.


  • Wood scraps can be gathered from fallen logs scattered throughout the wilderness.
  • Large deposits of wood can be found along various dammed rivers in Cranberry Bog. A substantial source of dam wood can be found west-southwest of Superior Sunset Farm in Cranberry Bog.
  • Around 50 wood piles can be found in Prickett's Fort - one large pile can be found in the blacksmith shop. Another is found in the center of the fort, with three extra piles next to the house to the north and another three next to the house to the east. There is also a single pile in every house with a fireplace.
  • Around 40 wood piles can be found in Helvetia - mainly located in a shed behind Freyja's Haus Restaurant. Around eight piles can be found around the Honey Haus, with another five being inside and behind Cheese Haus. A couple of logs in the northwest part of the town, towards the church. A few more piles behind a shed in the southwest part of the town.
  • Around 30 wood piles can be found in Middle Mountain Cabins - there are a few piles inside and in front of the houses. There are also seven piles behind the middle (southern) house.
  • Around 26 wood piles and 13 logs at Gilman lumber mill. Talking to a lumber-bot protectron there can also give few wood scraps.
  • Around 25 wood piles can be found in Sylvie & Sons logging camp.
  • Significant amount of wood piles can be found at WV Lumber Co.

Harvestable wood piles which yield wood scraps can be found at various workshops. A wood extractor can be placed near the pile to increase its yield: