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For the armor piece found in Nuclear Winter, see wood armor (Nuclear Winter).

Wood armor is a multi-piece set of armor in Fallout 76.


Wood armor consists of five separate pieces: the chest, both arms and both legs. Like with all other armor pieces, each can be worn over clothing to combine the stat bonuses, however certain outfits may occupy some or all of the armor slots.

This armor set is fashioned from large sections of tree bark held onto the wearer's body with thick ropes.


Items can be scrapped, modified or repaired using the armor workbench There is no plan, so it cannot be crafted.

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Image Name Level Weight Damage Resistance Icon shield silver Energy Resistance Icon electrical Value Base ID
Wood chest piece 5 3.5 12 4 14 ????????
Wood right leg ????????
Wood left leg ????????
Wood right arm ????????
Wood left arm ????????


No sturdy version exists.


No Heavy version exists.


Mod Schematic Location Notes
Plan: Shrouded wood armor mod Raleigh Clay's bunker Flagged with a quest marker


  • Can be sold by Grahm.
  • Random pieces are sold by the Free States' vendor bot at Harpers Ferry.
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