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For the junk item in Fallout 4, see wonderglue (Fallout 4).

FalloutShelterAppleStoreLogo.pngThe following is based on information from Fallout Shelter or Fallout Shelter Online.
Be careful not to glue your hands together or your eyelids shut.— In-game description

A wonderglue is a rare junk item in Fallout Shelter.


A pre-War adhesive that was used to bind plastics, now used to craft rare and legendary weapons and outfits.


Items Name Count
Weapons Armor piercing assault rifle 3
Armor piercing hunting rifle 2
Armor piercing lever-action rifle 2
Railway rifle 3
Double-barrel combat shotgun 3
Double-barrel shotgun 2
Double-barrel sawed-off shotgun 1
Relentless raider sword 4
Rusty assault rifle 2
Rusty railway rifle 3
Rusty shotgun 1
Tactical Junk Jet 3
Enhanced combat shotgun 2
Enhanced railway rifle 3
Hardened assault rifle 3
Hardened hunting rifle 2
Hardened combat shotgun 2
Hardened lever-action rifle 2
Junk Jet 3
Recoil compensated Junk Jet 3
Assault rifle 2
Outfits Lucky nightwear 4
T-45a power armor 2
T-45d power armor 4
T-45f power armor 4
T-51a power armor 2
T-51d power armor 2
T-51f power armor 4
T-60a power armor 2
T-60d power armor 4
T-60f power armor 4
X-01 Mk I power armor 2
X-01 Mk IV power armor 4
X-01 Mk VI power armor 4
Theme Railroad diner 3
Railroad living quarters 1


  • Found by dwellers exploring the wasteland
  • Finding them randomly during quests
  • From quest rewards
  • Breakdown weapons and outfits


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