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For the traveling merchant appearing in Fallout 3, see Crazy Wolfgang.

Wolfgang is a chems dealer in the Commonwealth in 2287.


Wolfgang began selling chems to Patrick, who soon became addicted to the drugs he bought off the dealer. However, since Patrick had no caps, Wolfgang went to his mother, Trudy, for payment. Upon the Sole Survivor's arrival, the two are at a stand off with Trudy refusing to pay.

Interactions with the player characterEdit

Interactions overviewEdit

This character is a merchant. Sells: chems
This character starts quests.


  • Order Up: Wolfgang and Trudy are at a stand off. It is up to the Sole Survivor to end it.



  • Wolfgang's first line of dialogue towards the Sole Survivor changes depending on their attire. If wearing a vault jumpsuit, Wolfgang will refer to them as "Vault Boy/Girl." If wearing power armor, he will call them "Mr./Ms. Power Armor." If wearing something else, Wolfgang will simply call them a "scavver."
  • If his money is taken and he leaves after being threatened by the Sole Survivor, he can be encountered later on at the entrance of Goodneighbor.
  • If one chooses to end the dispute peacefully, Wolfgang will become a decent source of chems, including X-cell.


Wolfgang appears only in Fallout 4.


PCIcon pc Playstation 4Icon ps4 Xbox OneIcon xboxone After being killed, the corpses of Wolfgang and Simone will not be removed and all items on their person will respawn. However, after looting the first time, the clothing will not be equipped. [verified] Fixed by Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch, Bug #19720.

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