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Wolf ribs are a consumable item in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.


Cooked rib meat from one of The Island's wolves, seasoned with lure weed. As of Far Harbor 's release, it is the only consumable in Fallout 4 to grant night vision.


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Wolf ribs (1)


While survival mode is active, this item reduces hunger by 16 points.



  • PCIcon pc The accuracy bonus fails to function. It is supposed to lower scope sway by some amount, however the actual code attempts to multiply Mod_Actor_Scope_Stability by 100% + (1% * Mod_Stabilized_AV), the same method the Stabilized armor mods take. However, the armors actually set Mod_Stabilized_AV to something other than the default 0, which wolf ribs fail to do. So the bonus is always +0.[verified]
  • PCIcon pc Contrary to it's listed conditions, the night vision effect acts very different. The code indicates the effect happens if it's before 6 AM, after 6 PM, OR an interior. While the night activation is odd, the interior activation directly contradicts the listed conditions. In addition to examining the code, I checked in-game and did not get the distortion effect when outside during the day, but did while inside during the day and at any location at night.[verified]
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