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With a Bang, or a Whimper is a scenario created for and included in the corebook of Fallout 2d20, written and published by Modiphius Entertainment. The scenario is designed as a continuation of Once Upon a Time in the Commonwealth, but can also work standalone.


Set around The Commonwealth before the events of Fallout 4, a group of travelers enter a town that was created using a Garden of Eden Creation Kit one year prior. As the group gets to know the town, the Mayor Jesse Pedigrue asks the group to investigate the home of local ghoul couple, Joseph and Theresa, after a break-in was reported happening earlier. The Mayor is worried about the couple but wants the investigation done quietly so as not to disturb Founder's Day celebrations.


  • Jesse Pedigrue
  • Theresa Dead
  • Joseph
  • Rast Mentioned
  • Bartender
  • Scavenger
  • Quartermaster
  • Doctor
  • Chief Scientist


  • Farmhouse
    • The Red Barn
  • The Town
    • Townsquare
    • Tradepost
    • Pub
    • Clinic
  • Compound

Mentioned-only locations

Behind the scenes

The title of the scenario is derived from the final line of T.S. Eliot's 1925 poem The Hollow Men, but is not an exact copy of the line.