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We're ready to fire at the Prydwen on your signal.Radio Freedom announcer

With Our Powers Combined is an optional Minutemen quest in Fallout 4. It occurs after the ending if one finishes The Nuclear Option and Old Guns and has or gained hostile status with the Brotherhood of Steel.

Quick walkthrough

Minutemen main quest: With Our Powers Combined
Build artillery pieces in 5 settlements.
Visit the Minutemen radio operator in the Castle.
Order the strike.
Report to Ronnie Shaw or Preston Garvey.
Reward: 350+ XP
Leads to: Defend the Castle

Detailed walkthrough

Build artillery defenses after speaking with Preston. Build an artillery piece and later assign a settler to man it in five different settlements the Sole Survivor owns. Once that is done, visit the Minutemen radio operator in the Castle and ask him to give the strike order. Prepare for the attack and defeat the enemy. Watch from the Castle, as the Prydwen is destroyed, and then prepare to fight the vertibirds that they send.

Quest stages

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
100 Talk to Preston GarveyIt's time for the Minutemen to remove the Brotherhood of Steel as a threat to the Commonwealth.
200 Build artillery in 5 settlementsIt's time for the Minutemen to remove the Brotherhood of Steel as a threat to the Commonwealth. With enough artillery batteries, we should be able to take down the Prydwen with a surprise attack.
300 Launch artillery strike on The PrydwenIt's time for the Minutemen to remove the Brotherhood of Steel as a threat to the Commonwealth. I've ordered our artillery batteries to fire on the Prydwen. Let's hope it's enough to destroy it.
400 Destroy Prydwen
450 Defeat Brotherhood attack on the Castle
500 Destruction sequence completeThe Minutemen artillery strike succeeded in destroying the Prydwen. We'll see if the Brotherhood of Steel has anything else to throw at us.
550 Transition to Defend the CastleThe Minutemen artillery strike succeeded in destroying the Prydwen. The Brotherhood of Steel has launched a counter-attack on the Castle. If we can defeat them here, their threat to the Commonwealth will be over.
580 Defend the Castle complete - Talk to Preston GarveyThe Minutemen artillery strike succeeded in destroying the Prydwen. We then, defeated the Brotherhood's desperate counter-attack on the Castle. Their threat to the Commonwealth is over.
800 Speak to Ronnie Shaw or Preston Garvey about Vertibird
1000Quest finishedQuest complete

Companion reactions


  • Even if the player character has finished the main questline by siding with the Brotherhood of Steel, this quest will still be available.
  • Defeating the Brotherhood this way prevents the player character from acquiring unique items, such as Final Judgment or Maxson's battlecoat, because none of the named Brotherhood soldiers show up for this last great battle. However, the coat can still be gained by killing Maxson before the artillery strike.
  • Completing this quest will unlock the ability to use captured Brotherhood Vertibirds with flares found in the Castle armory. About 2 days after completing this quest Preston Garvey will inform you of the captured Vertibirds, any Vertibird Signal Grenades you already have will call the now-Minuteman flown Vertibird
  • If one completed Rockets' Red Glare for the Railroad and then gets Banished from the Institute, this quest will be skipped after completing the Nuclear Option. Preston will be seemingly troubled at the destruction of the Prydwen. He can be reassured that the Brotherhood was a threat.
  • If completing this quest after finishing the main quest line with the Brotherhood of Steel, Liberty Prime will survive the fight and will keep patrolling the Boston Airport, with 5,000,000 HP.
  • There are several Brotherhood soldiers in T-60 power armor armed with laser weaponry along with a fleet of heavily armored vertibirds during this battle.

Behind the scenes

This quest's name is a reference to the children's TV show Captain Planet and the Planeteers. The show follows five super-powered teenagers who can combine their powers to summon the main hero, Captain Planet. When combining their powers, the Planeteers will say any number of phrases that mirror the quest name including "by our powers combined" and "let our powers combine."


  • PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 Xbox OneXbox One The quest may halt at 90.0%.[verified]
    • This can be resolved by finding the last Vertibird around the Boston Airport and destroying it, triggering 100% completion. May also be fixed by reloading a previous save or by running away from the Castle and/or fast traveling to another location.
  • PCPC Xbox OneXbox One The quest may also stall when you need to speak with Ronnie Shaw. Every time you try to speak with her she will ask if you want to trade.[verified]
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