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Witch Hunt is a side quest in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.

Quick walkthrough

Far Harbor side quest: Witch Hunt
Read the High Confessor's Note.
(Optional) Speak to Sister Aubert.
Find and read Edgar's note.
Search Sister Aubert's bunk inside the Vessel.
Recover the key located at the Nucleus entrance.
Access Edgar and Aubert's footlocker inside the Vessel.
Find and read Aubert's note.
Confront Sister Aubert.
Ask for a payoff.
Reward: ~100 caps
Denounce Sister Aubert to the High Confessor.
Give the note to Sister Aubert
or tell her to run away.
Lie to the High Confessor.
Reward: ~350 XP
Inquisitor's cowl

Detailed walkthrough

This quest is provided as part of the optional objective "Help the High Confessor" under What Atom Requires. Asking him if there's any work to be done will result in him demanding the Sole Survivor investigate a member of the cult for disloyalty, handing over the High Confessor's note. Reading the note reveals this person as Sister Aubert, at which point Edgar's note becomes available tucked under her bunk in the Vessel. Reading this note leads to the footlocker key in the Nucleus behind a bench in the locker room near the exit to the Island, which opens Edgar and Aubert's footlocker. Inside is Aubert's note, which denounces the High Confessor and accuses him of having Edgar killed.

At this point the player character can either bring the note directly to the High Confessor, thus concluding the quest, receiving the Inquisitor's cowl and presumably getting Aubert killed for her disloyalty, or they can confront Aubert. If the latter option is taken, she will beg for the note to be handed over so she can destroy it. The player character can tell her to run, ask for payment (about 95 caps), hand the note over or withhold the decision.

When talking to the High Confessor, the player character has the option to lie (medium Charisma check) that Aubert is loyal, thus receiving the Inquisitor's cowl without condemning her. If the check fails and the note was given back to her, the only option is to lie and say that no proof was found. The High Confessor is disappointed with this result and keeps the cowl, but the quest concludes.

Quest stages

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
10 Read the High Confessor's NoteThe High Confessor's tasked me with investigating a member of the Children. I need to check his note to see who I'm looking into.
20 (Optional) Speak to Sister Aubert
20 Search Sister Aubert's BunkIt would seem the High Confessor suspects Sister Aubert of treachery. Time to see if there's any truth behind his fears.
50 Access Edgar and Aubert's FootlockerI found a letter written by a Child of Atom named Edgar to Sister Aubert. Seems they used footlocker for secret correspondences. I should try and gain access to it.
70 Read Aubert's NoteI found a note written by Aubert in an old footlocker she and Edgar to share secret correspondences. This could be the clue I'm looking for. I should see what information it contains. OR
I found a note written by Aubert in an old footlocker. This could be the clue I'm looking for. I should see what information it contains.
200 Report What You've Found to the High ConfessorI discovered a furious note written by Aubert. Now I need to decide what to do with it - turn it over to the High Confessor or talk to Aubert about it.
200 (Optional) Confront Sister Aubert
300Quest finishedI managed to convince the High Confessor that Sister Aubert's not a threat. That should keep her safe, wherever she ends up... OR
I managed to convince the High Confessor that Sister Aubert's not a threat. With the letter destroyed, she should be as safe as one can be. OR
I managed to convince the High Confessor that Sister Aubert's not a threat. That should keep her safe for the foreseeable future.
310Quest finishedI turned Aubert's note over to the High Confessor. Luckily, I'd already told her to flee first. She should be safe, wherever she is. OR
I turned over Aubert's note to the High Confessor, likely sealing her fate. Her life is in Atom's hands now.
320Quest finishedI informed the High Confessor that there's no evidence against Sister Aubert. Here's hoping he believed me...
750Quest failedQuest Failed

Companion reactions

  • Nick Valentine dislikes accepting this quest and likes refusing it. If Sister Aubert is successfully persuaded to speak poorly of Tektus and this is mentioned, he will dislike that as well.
  • When confronting Sister Aubert with her note, Nick likes telling her to run, dislikes asking for a payoff and loves giving the note back to her.
  • Nick likes completing the quest by lying to Tektus, whether saying that no proof was turned up or convincing him that Aubert is loyal. He hates completing the quest by handing over the note.
  • Hancock dislikes accepting the quest with the "Consider it done" dialog option, but likes giving Aubert's note back or telling her to run. Hancock also likes ending the quest by lying and telling Tektus that Aubert is loyal.
  • Curie dislikes completing the quest by handing over the note.
  • Curie likes completing the quest by handing the note to Sister Aubert and then lying to High Confessor Tektus with a speech check.
  • Cait likes completing the quest by handing over the note.
  • Strong does not react to handing over the note to Tektus or Aubert, telling Tektus that Aubert is loyal, or asking for a payoff.


  • Independent of this quest, Sister Aubert can be persuaded to let slip that she dislikes Tektus. This can be mentioned to Tektus after receiving the quest, but aside from companion affinity changes, it does not affect the quest's options and outcomes.
  • It is possible to ask Aubert for a bribe before ultimately deciding whether to tell her to run or to give her back the note.
  • If one has already told Tektus to speak with them privately during the quest Reformation, then they will not be able to finish the quest.