Wiseman is a male ghoul residing in The Slog in 2287. He is a former resident of Diamond City, founder and current leader of The Slog.


Wiseman fled from Diamond City following a decree by Mayor McDonough exiling all ghouls from the community. Instead of traveling to Goodneighbor along the majority of the ghoul population, he instead founded "The Slog" within an old public swimming pool. Intending the establishment to be a safe haven for persecuted ghouls, it eventually grew into a tarberry farm - one of the sole producers of the fruit in the Commonwealth.

The settlement gained the name "The Slog" when a trader decided to take refuge there following a long trip. When talking about the trek with Wiseman, the trader described the entire journey as a "Slog", and following the eventual departure of the traveler, Wiseman decided to use the name for his settlement.

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Wiseman appears only in Fallout 4.

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