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Kura, usually simply referred to as the Wise Deathclaw, is a talking deathclaw encountered in the northern Commonwealth in Fallout Shelter Online.


Kura is first encountered as a mysterious figure speaking from the shadows, asking the Vault posse to help her by retrieving a "family heirloom" from the Bonfire Clan raiders. After disposing of the raiders, the "heirloom" turns out to be a deathclaw egg. Once the raiders are dead, Kura reveals herself. She could not have recovered the egg herself, as the raiders would destroy it if she approached, and she would lose her only child.

She is an old and wise deathclaw, distantly related to Goris and the West Coast intelligent deathclaws in New California. Goris' habit of concealing his identity to travel among humans unbothered influenced Kura, leading to her developing an interest in human affairs and their adventures.

Interactions with the player character[]

Interactions overview[]

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This character is involved in quests.
  • Chapter 4 - Stupid Thief: Shouldn't Have Stolen This
  • Return to the Glowing Sea


  • The Wise Deathclaw appears during "Stupid Thief: Shouldn't Have Stolen This," a mission during Chapter 4 of Fallout Shelter Online's main story. The Vault dwellers defeat the Bonfire Clan (a group of raiders who seek to eat the egg) and talk with the Wise Deathclaw afterwards.
  • The character reappears in "Return to the Glowing Sea," where it is revealed that her name is Kura.


  • When she appears in Return to the Glowing Sea, her display name has changed from "Wise Deathclaw" to "Kura."
  • In Fallout 4, a mother deathclaw searches for her egg at the Museum of Witchcraft.

Behind the scenes[]

  • Her portrait filename is UI_C_Icon_Head_Cura.


The Wise Deathclaw appears only in Fallout Shelter Online.