The Wilson Atomatoys factory is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287.


Prior to the Great War, this factory was a relatively new facility built in 2075, centered around producing the Wilson Automatoys' Giddyup Buttercup line of toys. In late 2077, the factory had begun being secretly converted into a production line for mines to aid in the war effort.[1] Since the War, the facility has been taken over by a group of super mutants.


The location is a two-story factory with a large amount of Giddyup Buttercup parts (whole as well as pieces). Contains several legendary super mutants including a unique super mutant named Big Mack.

Notable lootEdit


  • A weapon workbench is on the ground floor, inside the factory.
  • Another weapon workbench, an armor workbench, and a power armor station can be found in front of the partially ruined Red Rocket station immediately north of the factory - the fast travel target for the Wilson Atomatoys factory leads directly south of this building.
  • Once on top of the building one can jump onto the large pipe that runs to the water tower. From there one can drop inside the pipe and find a steamer trunk with some loot, and seven bags of concrete. Unfortunately, the easiest exit is a jump down, which will do slight fall damage to a player character with no specialized equipment. It is possible, however, to jump on the side of the pipe hole and return the way one came or to direct or fall onto the tires north of the drop and avoid the small amount of fall damage.
  • The ID card for the door sometimes falls behind the upstairs desk, check there if it can't be found.
  • There are several fragmentation mines scattered around the main entrance of the building.
  • Project SCYTHE was a (pre-war US Government) Department of the Army program with varied intentions, which included the goal to "repurpose civilian manufacturing infrastructure for the covert production of munitions, allowing for rapid military mobilization in the event of a major conventional-forces conflict. "[2]
  • Three of the factory's five main production lines had been converted to making landmines as of two days before the outbreak of the Great War (10/21/2077), with the start of full-scale production of mines scheduled for November 1st, 2077.[2] The Great War prevented this from coming to pass.
  • The Brotherhood may be found assaulting this location with Vertibird support.


The Wilson Atomatoys factory only appears in Fallout 4.



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