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I thought I'd just watch my programs and entertain the grandkids in my retirement, but that didn't turn out to be the case... I'm just glad they all made it to the vault in time, you see. When I saw it in a dream, I knew my prayers were answered.Survivor story: Willie Mae

Willie Mae is a deceased survivor of the Great War found in Flatwoods in Appalachia. Her body can be found on the porch of a house across the road from the Green Country Lodge near a working radio.


Prior to the Great War, Willie Mae was a resident of Flatwoods. After retiring, she had planned to simply watch her programs and entertain her grandchildren, but the Great War changed all of that. Just before the war, there was news of tremors in the mines where her husband Frank worked, and he never came home.

Since the war, Willie Mae spent her time listening to music and reading old newspaper articles. A month prior to bombs, Willie Mae won the Watoga Times Atomic Lottery after 20 years of participation, netting herself a ten-year supply of Blamco Mac and Cheese, Salisbury Steak and Nuka-Cola. However, this supply only lasted eight years and she sought out the Responders for aid after hearing their radio broadcasts.[1]

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Survivor story: Willie Mae


Willie Mae appears only in Fallout 76.