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Look for the house nearest to the billboard that's sticking out of the ground. It's pretty close to the diner, you can't miss it.Bryan Wilks

Wilks' house in Grayditch is a main location in the quest Those!, being next to Doctor Lesko's recently built shack and across the street from the Brandice's house.


The house is a two-story building, with a living room, kitchen, and bathroom on the ground level. In the kitchen, there is a refrigerator. In the restroom, a first aid box is mounted on the wall right beside the opening. Upstairs, there is only a bedroom with a queen sized bed.

Before the quest is completed, it contains three or four fire ant corpses and Fred Wilks' dead body. The house is in a bad state of rubble and flames, left from the fire ants. Fred may have fought them to the death, killing a few before being killed himself. When Those! is completed, Fred's son Bryan Wilks will clean up the rubble, bury his father, and remove the fire ant corpses.

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When fast traveling to Grayditch, the Lone Wanderer arrives across the street from the house.


Wilks' house appears only in Fallout 3.