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We are the Cabots, after all. It's expected that we maintain a certain standard.— Wilhelmina Cabot

Wilhelmina Cabot is the mother of Jack Cabot and Emogene Cabot and wife to Lorenzo Cabot living in the Cabot House in 2287.


Wilhelmina is a member of the seemingly immortal Cabot family. Her birthdate is unknown, the earliest mention of her dates back to 1894.[1] Given the state of the world, her behavior comes off as a little eccentric at times, as it is that of a distinguished old lady. This is reflected by her expressing her concerns about her son wearing the right attire for dinner[2] or by her worrying about her daughter not having any children yet.[3]

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Laundered blue dress


Wilhelmina dies after the completion of The Secret of Cabot House, even if siding with Jack, as he mentions that she could not survive long without the serum.[4]


Wilhelmina Cabot appears only in Fallout 4.



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