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For an overview of punga fruits, see Punga fruit.
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Wild punga fruit is a consumable in the Fallout 3 add-on Point Lookout.


It is a wild fruit that grows all over Point Lookout and has the unique function of scrubbing radiation from the system and healing at the same time. The perk Punga Power! increases the radiation healing effects, but does not affect its HP healing.

Unlike its refined cousin, the wild variety of punga fruit is more sickly looking, covered in a rough brown skin.

As discovered by Desmond Lockheart, punga emits electrical discharge similar to citrus fruits and even potatoes. His experiment may be observed in his lab in Calvert Mansion.

There is one gigantic wild punga seed known as the Mother Punga.


  • Wild punga fruit can be found across every stretch of Point Lookout, most notably in the Sacred Bog, in the Ofie Clan Plot and near the many waterways that flow through Point Lookout.
  • After downloading the add-on, traders across the Capital Wasteland will regularly stock these fruits, especially for those selling consumables. This is possibly due to the smugglers taking goods from Point Lookout and trading them to the Capital Wasteland merchants.

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  • Punga plants will not regrow fruit after it has been picked.
  • Even though the punga plants look like they have 2 or 3 fruits, they will only yield one when you pick them.
  • The wild punga fruit is exported far and wide, as shown by the Pitt bartender Harris selling it.


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