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Wild blackberry is a consumable in Fallout 76.


Wild blackberries are dark purple fruits that grow on bushes. They can be used to make several consumable items with the relevant recipes.

Blast zone

When affected by a blast zone, wild blackberries mutate into radberries and yield raw yellowcake flux when harvested.


Wild blackberry (1)
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Wild blackberry
Wild blackberry plant (1)


  • Can be planted at any C.A.M.P. or public workshop by the player character.
  • Primarily grow around the Savage Divide.
  • 20 grow around the pond at Beckwith farm.
  • South from the radstag carcass at Beckwith farm, one will find four within the bushes along the way. An additional four can be found towards the cliff, along the edge of the pond.

Behind the scenes

In a removed Vault 94 greenhouse terminal entry, the blackberry is referred to as Rubus allegheniensis, the real world common blackberry.[1]



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