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Wild Appalachia is the first major update for Fallout 76, adding a series of new features and quests. It was followed by Nuclear Winter.


A mythical beast, a lost generation of scouts, and the strongest brew this side of the wasteland. Welcome to Wild Appalachia – a series of free and all-new quests, features, events, crafting systems and more starting today in Fallout 76.

Appalachia was a place filled with customs and mysterious creatures, and that time has been renewed. From making custom beverages, visiting the Faschnacht festival, encountering humanoid sheep, exploring as part of the Pioneer Scouts or entering a do-or-die gameplay style, Wild Appalachia has much to offer.


  • Brewing and Distilling – Go on a new quest to discover the secrets of the forbidden brew Nukashine and bring the party back to your C.A.M.P with new brewing and distilling systems and recipes.
  • New Seasonal Event: Fasnacht Day – Chase away Old Man Winter and quicken the coming of spring with the ancient festival of Fasnacht! Join the celebration and complete this new limited-time event to earn unique rewards in the form of festive Fasnacht Masks.
  • New Game Mode: Survival – This all-new game mode brings a higher-stakes PvP experience with fewer restrictions, increased rewards, and new challenges plus all the original content of Adventure Mode.
  • C.A.M.P. Decorating and Player Vending – Use items from your stash to decorate your C.A.M.P. Build vending machines and flag items for sale. Simply set your prices and walk away to continue your adventures in Appalachia. The vending machines do all the work, you just need to count the caps.
  • ProSnap Deluxe camera - Capture all your favorite memories using the new functional camera.
  • Legendary Vendor and Scrapping – Locate the mysterious Purveyor to exchange and scrap your unwanted legendary items for new legendary gear. For every star rating on a legendary item you scrap, increase your chances to get the legendary weapon or armor of your dreams.
  • Pioneer Scouts quests – Journey to the deepest reaches of the woods with new stories for the legendary Pioneer Scouts. Earn merit badges, climb the ranks, and earn a customizable backpack for increased utility.


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Helvetia (Fasnacht Day)[]

Name Dialogue file Dead Spawned Essential Doctor Merchant Companion Form ID Ref ID Location
Cheerful Beekeeper Dialogue Yes 00498891 Helvetia
Convivial Historian Dialogue Yes 00498893 Helvetia
Gleeful Butcher Dialogue Yes 00498894 Helvetia
Happy Candlemaker Dialogue Yes 00498892 Helvetia
Jolly Baker Dialogue Yes 00498888 Helvetia
Joyous Musician Dialogue Yes 00498895 Helvetia
Jubilant Decorator Dialogue Yes 00498896 Helvetia
Master of Ceremonies Dialogue Yes 00498883 00498886 Helvetia
Merry Woodsman Dialogue Yes 00498897 Helvetia

The Whitespring Resort[]

Name Dialogue file Dead Spawned Essential Doctor Merchant Companion Form ID Ref ID Location
Brotherhood vendor Dialogue Yes Yes 004124AD 00412217 The Whitespring Resort
Free States vendor Dialogue Yes Yes 004124A9 00412211 The Whitespring Resort
Raiders vendor Yes Yes 004124AF 0041220F The Whitespring Resort
Responders vendor Yes Yes 004124B0 0041220D The Whitespring Resort
Shopping mall vendor Yes Yes 004124AE 00412215 The Whitespring Resort

Miscellaneous characters[]

Name Dialogue file Dead Spawned Essential Doctor Merchant Companion Form ID Ref ID Location
Anne Litzinger No Yes 0047838D ???????? Appalachia
Ansel Abrahms No Yes 0047838E ???????? Appalachia
ARIC-4 Dialogue Yes 0040C2AB ???????? Arktos Pharma
Badger No Yes ???????? ???????? Pi House
Big Bad Wolf No Yes ???????? ???????? Pylon ambush site
Bill Thomas No Yes ???????? ???????? Cabin near Kerwood Mine
Biv Dialogue Yes 0047BBFF 0047BC03 The Nukashine
Camp Counselor Nia No 00536742 00536743 Camp Adams
Cavit Klein No Yes 003F0747 ???????? Lewisburg
Cindy Holloway No Yes 0046486C 000581FC Campsite near Toxic Larry's Meat 'n Go
Clara Song Dialogue 00417C26 00417C25 RobCo Research Center
Fluffy No Yes 00483696 00483698 North of Site Alpha
Frank No Yes ???????? ???????? North of Site Alpha
Harvey Tinley No 00460735 ???????? Clarksburg
Insult Bot Dialogue 004845A9 ???????? Appalachia
Janelle Priblo No Yes 0046A5DE ???????? North of Hornwright air purifier site 04
Max Posey No Yes ???????? ???????? Pi House
Michael Turner No Yes 003F1865 00075344 Campsite near Toxic Larry's Meat 'n Go
Mr. Bandit Dialogue 00481F11 ???????? Appalachia
Mr. Squeeze Dialogue Yes Yes 00481F11 ???????? Appalachia
Pledge No Yes ???????? ???????? Pi House
Purveyor Murmrgh No Yes Yes 003F878E 00422154 Berkeley Springs Station
Quercus Dialogue Yes 005109E2 00454D47 Arktos Pharma
Ray Gary Dialogue Yes ???????? ???????? Welch
Raymond Priblo No Yes 003F5E8C ???????? North of Hornwright air purifier site 04
Reuben Gill Dialogue Yes 00424562 00424563 West of Gilman lumber mill
Scott Conroy No ???????? ???????? Sunken church
Sidney No Yes 003F0748 ???????? Lewisburg
Son of Fluffy No 004060AC 0041768D Near Site Alpha
Scout Leader Jaggy Dialogue Yes 0047F15E 0047F15F Pioneer Scout camp
Scout Leader Pompy Dialogue Yes 0047F165 0047F169 Kiddie Corner Cabins
Scout Leader Treadly Dialogue Yes 0047F168 0047F16A Dolly Sods Wilderness
Scout Leader Penny Dialogue Yes 0046A5BA 0046A5B8 Camp Adams
The Beast of Beckley No 003F5E80 ???????? Near Beckley
Pup of the Beast No 00404AAA ???????? Near Beckley



Robots and computers[]



Armor and clothing[]

Armor and apparel mods[]


Weapon mods[]



Miscellaneous items[]





Name Weight Value Related quest Editor ID Form ID
Sound Anne's holotape 0 0 Bucket List P01C_Bucket_HolotapeAnneLitzinger 003F01CD
Sound Ansel's holotape 0 0 Bucket List P01C_Bucket_HolotapeAnselAbrahms 003F01CC
Sound Arktos Pharma - Trapped underground 0 0 UD001_Holotape_APL_Dr_Christina_Bryan 0047B7F4
Sound AUTOMATED RECORD 0000001 0 0 Babylon_Intro_HolotapeClue1 00424564
Sound AUTOMATED RECORD 0000002 0 0 Babylon_Intro_HolotapeClue2 00424545
Sound The Beast of Beckley 0 0 Unsolved: Death and Taxidermy P01B_Mini_Random03_Holotape_Intro 0046A5D5
Sound Behavioral reprogramming 0 0 The Lowe-Down P01B_Lying_02_CalvinRecording 003F0745
Sound Burrows mission brief 0 0 Waste Management P01B_Burrows_MissionBrief_Holotape 003ECC17
Sound C.L.U.E. holotape Cut content 0 0 Lying Lowe zzz_P01B_CLUE_Holotape 00478DE1
Sound Colin's disappearance Cut content 0 0 Lying Lowe zzz_P01B_Lying_Shelley04_Holotape 0046A38F
Sound Colin's homecoming Cut content 0 0 Lying Lowe zzz_P01B_Lying_Shelley03_Holotape 0046A38C
Sound Date night 0 0 A Perfect Getaway P01B_Mini_Squatch01_MainHolo 00464860
Sound Final initiation 0 0 Wasted on Nukashine UD005_PiHouseFraternity_Hazing_Holotape 0047C3E1
Sound For Maude 0 0 Waste Management UD002_MarcusBossRoom_Holotape 00454C07
Sound Janelle's revenge 0 0 Unsolved: Death and Taxidermy P01B_Mini_Random03_Holotape_Janelle 003F3840
Sound Klein's notes (part 1 & part 2) 0 0 The Lowe-Down P01B_Lying_02_PoliceHolo1
Sound Leaving Lewisburg Cut content 0 0 Lying Lowe zzz_P01B_Lying_Shelley05_Holotape 0046A391
Sound Lewis's personal log 0 0 Wasted on Nukashine UD006_EtaPsiHouseFraternity_NukaMoonshine_Holotape 0047F320
Sound Life with Calvin 0 0 Lying Lowe P01B_Lying_Shelley02_Holotape 0046A38A
Sound Marcus' speech 0 0 Waste Management UD002_MarcusSpeech_Holotape 00454C06
Sound Mary Tinley's recording 0 0 Unsolved: Picnic Panic P01B_Mini_Random04_recording 003F7435
Sound Mission briefing Cut content 0 0 Mission: Accessible P03T_MarshallSceneQuest_Holotape 003F4C80
Sound New meat 0 0 A Perfect Getaway P01B_Mini_Squatch01_MeatHolo 00464861
Sound Note to self 0 0 Lying Lowe P01B_Lying_Calvin01_Holotape 0046A381
Sound Potential cryptid sighting in Monongah Cut content 0 0 Unsolved: Tracking Terror P01B_Mini_Random02_Holotape 003EFB5E
Sound Raymond's pep talk 0 0 Unsolved: Death and Taxidermy P01B_Mini_Random03_Holotape_Raymond 003F5E7F
Sound Test subject notes Cut content 0 0 P03L_McCreary_Holotape 0042758E
Sound Wanted: Sheepsquatch 0 0 Lying Lowe P01B_Lying_Shelley01_Holotape 0046A386
Sound Warning for Dylan 0 0 UD002_TrishWarning_Holotape 00454C08
Sound Wolf's message to Bo-Peep 0 0 Baa Baa Black Sheep P01B_Mini_Robot01_BBWolfMessage_Holotape 0046DC79
Sound XXX Cut content 0 0 DELETED_Holotape 0047B7F6


Name Quest Editor ID Form ID
Text 10/01/77 LC095_ToMillsNote01 00424546
Text 10/15/77 LC095_ToStevieNote01 00424547
Text A new day That Sinking Feeling P01B_Mini_Random01_Journal03 003F25F4
Text Animal control report Unsolved: Tracking Terror P01B_Mini_Random02_Animal 003EFB4D
Text Attention: Nuka-Cola technician BMO_BunkerNote07_CrashedPlaneNote 003F1BDA
Text Biome lab: Code fragments UD001_DoorCodeNote_A
Text Blacksheep dossier Baa Baa Black Sheep P01B_Mini_Robot01_CalPsychEval 0046DC75
Text Bo-Peep's note on Calvin Baa Baa Black Sheep P01B_Mini_Robot01_BoPeepNote 004036EC
Text Bomb defusal manual Cut content P01T_MarshallTest_BombDefusalManual 003EC2AF
Text Burnt note Cut content Baa Baa Black Sheep ZZZP01B_Mini_Robot01_BurntNote 0046DC7A
Text Burrows warning UD002RightMonitoringNote 00453AAA
Text C.H. Monthly, August The Lowe-Down P01B_Lying_02_CryptidArticle 003F073B
Text C.H. Monthly, January That Sinking Feeling P01B_Mini_Random01_CryptidArticle2 003F25F1
Text C.H. Monthly, October A Perfect Getaway P01B_Mini_Squatch01_CryptidArticle3 00403342
Text Calvin's security code Lying Lowe P01B_Lying_CalvinSecurityPhrase 0046F0BC
Text Catalog of Curios Unsolved: Death and Taxidermy P01B_Mini_Random03_Book_Catalog 003F3830
Text Checklist Babylon_Intro_Checklist 0042455E
Text Chelsea's diary page Unsolved: Picnic Panic P01B_Mini_Random04_ChelseaNote 0046005B
Text Cindy's diary A Perfect Getaway P01B_Mini_Squatch01_Diary 00464858
Text Coded message Cut content Baa Baa Black Sheep ZZZP01b_Mini_Robot01_BlacksheepCode 003F269F
Text Confession note Unsolved: Best of Intentions P01B_Mini_Albino01_Confession 0046D625
Text Crime scene notes Baa Baa Black Sheep P01B_Mini_Robot01_CrimeSceneNotes 0046EBCA
Text Customer complaint Cut content Baa Baa Black Sheep ZZZP01B_Mini_Robot01_Complaint 003F26A1
Text Day 1 That Sinking Feeling P01B_Mini_Random01_Journal1 003F25F6
Text Day 82 That Sinking Feeling P01B_Mini_Random01_Journal2 003F25F5
Text Dead raider's note Raider's Last Laugh RE_ObjectCMB07_Note 00454E1C
Text Dear wolf Lying Lowe P01B_Lying_NoteToWolf 0046A397
Text Delivery route map Unsolved: Death and Taxidermy P01B_Mini_Random03_Book_Map 0046A5D3
Text Directions to Janelle's camp Unsolved: Death and Taxidermy P01B_Mini_Random03_Book_Directions 0040329E
Text Door codes Cut content P01L_McCreary_DoorCode 0041B8D2
Text Dr. Frank's journal Unsolved: Tracking Terror P01b_Mini_Random02_Journal 003EFB64
Text Empty envelope LC095_Envelope01 00424548
Text Ernesto's book Cut content P02T_MarshallFetchQuest_ErnestoBook 003EEA19
Text Ernesto's manuscripts (parts #1, #2 & #3) Cut content P02T_MarshallFetchQuest_Manuscript1
Text Eviction notice UD005_EvictionNoticeNote 0047C954
Text Forensics report Unsolved: Tracking Terror P01B_Mini_Random02_Forensics 003EFB4C
Text From mom The Lowe-Down P01B_Lying02_LaundryNote 003F0738
Text From Ray That Sinking Feeling P01b_Mini_Random01_FromRay 004041CE
Text Further instructions The Lowe-Down P01B_Lying_02_BoPeepClue 003F0739
Text Incident evaluation Unsolved: Tracking Terror P01B_Mini_Random02_Report 0047F45A
Text Incident report Cut content Unsolved: Tracking Terror P01B_Mini_Random02_Memo 0047F459
Text Invoice 188002: Smarty's Traps n' Bait Unsolved: Death and Taxidermy P01B_Mini_Random03_Book_Invoice 0046A5D4
Text Jackson's notes Unsolved: Tracking Terror P01B_Mini_Random02_Jackson 003EFB4E
Text Knick-knack paddywhack Lying Lowe P01B_Lying_NoteToWolf02 0040326E
Text Letter from Vault-Tec 0042454E
Text Letter to Calvin requested Unsolved: Death and Taxidermy P01B_Mini_Random03_Book_Letter 00403273
Text Letter to L That Sinking Feeling P01b_Mini_Random01_LetterToL 003F25F0
Text Mary's diary page Unsolved: Picnic Panic P01B_Mini_Random04_MaryNote 0046005D
Text Maude's journal page UD002CentralShantytownNote 00453AAC
Text Michael's journal Cut content A Perfect Getaway CUT_P01B_Mini_Squatch01_MichaelsJournal 003F21AE
Text Missing: The Priblos (start and generic) Unsolved: Death and Taxidermy P01B_Mini_Random03_Book_Start
Text My advice BMO_BunkerNote07_TastingAreaNote 003F1B6B
Text My bucket list Bucket List P01C_Bucket_List 004845B8
Text Noise complaint Lying Lowe P01B_Lying_NoiseComplaint 0046A394
Text Note about Nukashine Cut content CUT_P01A_Nukashine_PartyNote 0047A44A
Text Note for Raymond Unsolved: Death and Taxidermy P01B_Mini_Random03_Book_Note 003F3831
Text Note from management (cut and released) Possum Junior Roboticist Tour ZZZM01C_Roboticist_ManagementNote_old
Text Nukashine ingredients (part 1 and part 2) Wasted on Nukashine P01A_Nukashine_IngredientsList1
Text Nukashine label Wasted on Nukashine P01A_Nukashine_Label 0047A44B
Text Pages from Dr. Frank's journal (one page & last page) Unsolved: Tracking Terror P01b_Mini_Random02_Journal01
Text Property deed The Lowe-Down P01B_Lying_02_Deed 003F0737
Text Recall keycard recipe Cut content Wolf in Sheep's Clothing ZZZP01B_Wolf_RecallKey_Recipe 003FBF37
Text Relocation note Unsolved: Best of Intentions P01B_Mini_Albino01_Relocation 0046D624
Text RobCo customer support Lying Lowe P01B_Lying_RobCoCustomerSupport 0046A396
Text Secret door sale! BMO_BunkerNote07_SecretDoorsNote 003F1BE0
Text Simple ways to his HEART! Cut content P01E_Heart_RomanceNotes 0045C4B1
Text Squire Asher's journal Cut content CUT_SFS09_Habitat_LoreJournal 003D5B52
Text Task list Cut content P02L_McCreary_TaskList 00424883
Text The mannequin UD005_Mannequin_Note 0047C957
Text To Pete UD002PointerNote 0045581F
Text Unsolved: Missing girls (board & train station note) Unsolved: Picnic Panic P01B_Mini_Random04_BoardNote
Text Unsolved: Missing hikers (board & train station note) Unsolved: Tracking Terror P01B_Mini_Random02_BoardNote
Text Unsolved: Sighting at Thomas farm Unsolved: Best of Intentions P01B_Mini_Albino_StartingNote 0040347F
Text Veterinary diagnosis sheet Unsolved: Best of Intentions P01B_Mini_Albino01_VetNote 0046DBDB
Text Warning! P01A_Nukashine_FlashFermenterNote 0047CFF7
Text We need to talk UD006_NukaRoom_Note 0047F321
Text Where is it? Lying Lowe P01B_Lying_LocationList 0046A395
Text Wolf check-in #64 The Lowe-Down P01B_Lying02_WolfCheckin 003F0736
Text Wolf's letter to Bo-Peep Baa Baa Black Sheep P01b_Mini_Robot01_WolfLetterToPeep 003F2694
Text Cutthroat orders LC024_RaiderCourthouseNote02 0055AEDB
Text Cutthroat warning LC024_RaiderCourthouseNote01 0055A7A6
Text IOU Cut content v96_tempnote 003EE868
Text Pump Alpha shutdown code Vault Mission: Washout V94_3_PumpAlphaShutdownCode 003EBF6C
Text Pump Beta shutdown code Vault Mission: Washout V94_3_PumpBetaShutdownCode 003EBF6F
Text Pump Delta shutdown code Vault Mission: Washout V94_3_PumpDeltaShutdownCode 003EBF6E
Text Pump Gamma shutdown code Vault Mission: Washout V94_3_PumpGammaShutdownCode 003EBF6D
Text Rosalynn's note LC024_RosalynnNote01 0055CBDA
Text Vault 94 pump restart codes Vault Mission: Dead in the Water V94_1_PumpRestartCodePage 0046AAB0
Text Vault 94 reactor reset codes Vault Mission: Dead in the Water V94_1_ReactorEvent_2_KeypadCodePage 00465485
Text Vault 94 requisition holotapes Vault Mission: Meltdown V94_2_Green_RequisitionHolotape01
Text Vault 94 water pressure regulation Vault Mission: Meltdown V94_2_Utility_PumpCodePage 003F8808
Text Vault 96 decontamination procedure Vault Mission: Creature Feature V96_1_Engineering_DecontaminationCodePage 0054791A
Text Vault 96 decryption code Vault Mission: Gone Viral V96_2_AnalysisEvent_4_KeypadCodePage 00424C59
Text Vault 94 requisition holotapes Vault Mission: Meltdown V94_2_Green_RequisitionHolotape01

Keys and passwords[]

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Img Name
(Editor ID)
Opens Found / in possession of Related quest Form ID
Generic keycard Assaultron recall keycard
Accesses Bysshe remote robotics terminal at the Pylon ambush site, starting the Encryptid event Garrahan Estate - in the Wolf's cache on the top floor. (Additional copies may also be fabricated using a recipe.) Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
Holotape Assembly password
Assembly platform terminal at Van Lowe Taxidermy Van Lowe Taxidermy, in a tool chest near a tinker's workbench. The Lowe-Down 003F073F
Quantum key Burrows old tunnel key
Jail door in the Burrows The Burrows, on a nightstand in the Burrows Boys' throne room Waste Management 00453AA7
Four key chain Cage key Cut content
Jail door. Is from a development test quest. Making the Cut Cut content 00427589
Toy rocketship key Cindy's diary key Cut content
Cindy's diary A Perfect Getaway 003F1861
Holotape Colin van Lowe's password
Office terminal Obtained during quest Unsolved: Tracking Terror 00478DE4
Holotape Distillery supply password
Distillery supply terminal to open door in the Nukashine speakeasy. Given after reading a terminal entry at Eta Psi House. Wasted on Nukashine 0046ECF3
Holotape Nuka Cola marketing access code
Terminal at the Ingram Mansion Underneath the crashed plane, in a suitcase underneath the fuselage, behind the stash box. 003F1BD5
Generic keycard Paired keycard 01
ID card reader at the Overlook cabin Kanawha Nuka-Cola plant, on the floor behind the door of a bathroom stall marked "out of order." 003F1B6C
Generic keycard Paired keycard 02
ID card reader at the Overlook cabin Tanagra Town, under a trifold flag on the second floor of a ruined house 003F1B84
Four key chain Room 123 Cut content
Four key chain Safe key
Level 2 safe in Welch's post office, first floor. Inside Welch's post office, second floor, against the wall, available while Baa Baa Black Sheep is active and has not yet been completed. 003F269D
Four key chain TNT dome key 7
TNT dome 7 at Black Mountain Ordnance Works Overlook cabin basement, requires paired keycard 01 and 02, plus a code generated at a terminal at Ingram Mansion which in turn required Nuka Cola marketing access code. 003F1B6F
Generic keycard Spare operative keycard
Deactivates laser grid in Van Lowe Taxidermy Lewisburg The Lowe-Down 003F0740

Quantum key Taxidermy storage key
Door in the taxidermy Van Lowe Taxidermy in Lewisburg, on top of the bureau on the second floor. 00478D43

World objects[]

Image Name Use World object Settlement object Atomic shop item
Fo76 brewing station
Brewing station Allows crafting of various alcoholic beverages. Yes Yes No
Fo76 fermenter
Fermenter Ferments alcoholic beverages faster than normal. Yes Yes No
FO76 Legendary exchange machine
Legendary exchange machine Converts legendaries placed in the machines into legendary scrip. Yes No No
FO76 Atomic Shop - My personal terminal
My personal terminal Used for tracking certain daily quests and new features. No Yes Yes
FO76 Atomic Shop - Party poster
Party poster Used to start the Wasted on Nukashine quest. Yes Yes Yes
FO76 Atomic Shop Pioneer scouts poster
Pioneer Scouts recruiting poster Used to start the The Order of the Tadpole quest. Yes Yes Yes
FO76 Possum vending machine
Possum vending machine Sells Pioneer Scouts items for Possum badges. Yes No No
FO76 Atomic Shop - Punch bowl
Punch bowl Used to distribute drinks to other players. No Yes Yes
FO76 Sheepsquatch Ate My Brother
Sheepsquatch ate my brother! Used to start the Lying Lowe quest. Yes Yes Yes
FO76 Tadpole vending machine
Tadpole vending machine Sells Pioneer Scouts items for Tadpole badges. Yes No No
FO76 Vending machine
Vending machine Used to sell items to other players. No Yes No


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Icon Name Location(s) Given by Reward Form ID Editor ID
A Perfect Getaway Toxic Larry's Meat 'n Go C.H. Monthly, October Recipe: Mystery meat pie 0046484F P01B_Mini_Squatch01
Icon Fo76 Cryptid quest Baa Baa Black Sheep Bastion Park
Sal's Grinders
Completing Lying Lowe Pearly Peepers 0046DC6F P01B_Mini_Robot_01
Icon Bucket List Bucket List Various Appalachian tourist attractions Ansel Abrahms
Anne Litzinger
Plan: Postcard collage poster
Plan: ProSnap Deluxe 105mm lens
004845B0 P01C_Bucket
Icon Fo76 Cryptid quest Lying Lowe Van Lowe Taxidermy Sheepsquatch ate my brother! Plan: Mounted wolf head 00478DD3 P01B_Lying_01
Pioneer Scouts Possum Junior Roboticist Tour RobCo Research Center Clara Song Random aid
Random grenade
00417C0A M01C_Roboticist
Pioneer Scouts Tadpole Archery Test Pioneer Scout camp Archery instructor audio box 00417BE8 M01C_Archery
Pioneer Scouts Tadpole Athletics Test Camp Venture
New River Gorge Bridge
Sunnytop Ski Lanes
Athletics instructors audio boxes 004266B7
Pioneer Scouts Tadpole Swimming Test Spruce Knob Lake Swimming instructor audio box 004178BD M01C_Swimming
Icon Fo76 Cryptid quest That Sinking Feeling Southern Belle Motel
Scoot's shack
Sunken church
C.H. Monthly, January Plan: Mounted wendigo 0047F441 P01B_Mini_Random01
Icon Fo76 Cryptid quest The Lowe-Down Lewisburg
Van Lowe Taxidermy
Completing Baa Baa Black Sheep Plan: Mounted radstag head 0047F443 P01B_Lying_02
Pioneer Scouts The Order of the Tadpole Pioneer Scout camp Scout Leader Jaggy 0047B7B9 P01C_Tadpole
Icon Fo76 Cryptid quest Unsolved: Best of Intentions Thomas farm Unsolved: Sighting at Thomas farm 0046D628 P01B_Mini_Albino01
Icon Fo76 Cryptid quest Unsolved: Death and Taxidermy Priblos' Curios
Hornwright air purifier site 04
Missing: The Priblos Plan: Mounted owlet 0046A5A9 P01B_Mini_Random03
Icon Fo76 Cryptid quest Unsolved: Picnic Panic Clarksburg Unsolved: Missing girls Plan: Picnic blanket 00460047 P01B_Mini_Random04
Icon Fo76 Cryptid quest Unsolved: Tracking Terror Monongah
Site Alpha
Unsolved: Missing hikers Plan: Mounted yao guai head 0047F442 P01B_Mini_Random02
Icon Waste Management Waste Management The Burrows Burrows mission brief The Gutter 003ECC12
Icon Fo76 Brewing quest Wasted on Nukashine Fraternity Row
Pi House
Eta Psi House
Big Al's Tattoo Parlor
Party poster Brewing station plan
Fermenter plan
Nukashine x1
0047A44D P01A_Nukashine
Icon Fo76 Cryptid quest Wolf in Sheep's Clothing Garrahan Estate Completing The Lowe-Down Assaultron recall keycard
Recall keycard recipe
003FBF2E P01B_Wolf


Icon Name Location(s) Given by Reward Form ID Editor ID
Pioneer Scouts Operation Tidy Kiddie Corner Cabins Scout Leader Pompy 0045E3D2 D01C_OperationTidy
Pioneer Scouts Stings and Things Dolly Sods Wilderness Scout Leader Treadly 0045E3D3 D01C_StingsAndThings
Icon Fo76 Brewing quest Tipsy Taste-Test Big Al's Tattoo Parlor Biv Brewing recipe 0047CF15 D01A_Tipsy
Icon Fo76 Brewing quest Wasted on Alcohol Big Al's Tattoo Parlor Biv 0047CF16 D01A_Wasted


Icon Name Location(s) Given by Available during Form ID Editor ID
Doctor's Orders 0041B865 P02L_McCreary_FetchQuest
Icon Fo4 side quest Green Hills of Appalachia 003EEA16 P02T_MarshallFetchQuest
Icon Fo4 side quest Having a Blast 003EC29C P01T_MarshallTest
Making the Cut 004273D8 P03L_McCreary_Scenes
Icon Fo4 side quest Mission: Accessible 003F4BE0 P03T_MarshallSceneQuest
Rat Race 0041B866 P01L_McCrearyTimedObjective
St. Valentine's Day Massacre Bailey family cabin 0045C46E P01E_Heart_FlaggedToNotExport
Survival of the Fittest 0042E56F E01L_McCreary_Event


Icon Name Type
Icon Fo4 side quest Campfire Tales Public event
Icon Encryptid Encryptid Public event
Icon Free Range Free Range Public event
Project Paradise Project Paradise Public event
Icon Fo76 Fasnacht Fasnacht Day Seasonal event






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