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Wil Wheaton is an actor who voices the robobrains in Fallout: New Vegas and Super-Ego in Old World Blues. He is best known for his role as Wesley Crusher in Star Trek: The Next Generation, Gordie LaChance in the film Stand by Me and Joey Trotta in Toy Soldiers. As a writer, he is best known as a voice for the geek community and for his blog, Wil Wheaton Dot Net.

Personal lifeEdit

Wheaton was born in Burbank, California, to Debbie (née O’Connor), an actress, and Richard William Wheaton, Jr., a medical specialist. He has a brother, Jeremy, and a sister, Amy. Both appeared uncredited in the episode "When the Bough Breaks" of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Wheaton married Anne Prince in 1999. He lives with his wife and stepsons, Nolan and Ryan, in Arcadia, California.


Fallout seriesEdit

YearTitleCredited as/for
2010Fallout: New VegasRobobrains
2011Old World BluesSuper-Ego

Other workEdit

YearTitleCredited as/for
1987-1994Star Trek: The Next GenerationWesley Crusher
1986Stand By MeGordie Lachance
1982The Secret of NIMHMartin Brisby

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