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Wicked Shipping was a locally owned and operated trucking company that operated in the Commonwealth area prior to the Great War.


This now-defunct small-time trucking company was founded by Flynn brothers, Tim and Blake, and operated in the Commonwealth prior to the Great War.[1] The company's primary distribution center was located outside of Concord city limits to the west.

The Flynn brothers had entered into a deal with local mob boss Edward "Eddie" Winter, from which Tim was strongly recommending withdrawing following death threats from Eddie.[2] As part of the deal, all deliveries were indirectly sent to the client to enable a switch of the transit papers.[3]

Wicked Shipped had three trucks from its seven vehicle fleet completing deliveries on October 23, 2077, when the bombs fell.[3] The cargo being delivered on the day were uranium pellets to General Atomics factory in South Boston, fuel cells for the Corvega assembly plant located in Lexington[3] and barrels of waste material destined for the Mass Fusion containment shed. None of these shipments made it to their intended destinations.


  • Wicked Shipping's trailer decals are in the Creation Kit as 001D0E2A, and an additional, cut decal can be found under 000F974E.
  • A Wicked Shipping refrigerator magnet appears on the fridge in the Sole Survivor's home in Sanctuary Hills.


The Wicked Shipping company appears only in Fallout 4.



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