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Who Goes There? - Part 2 is a holotape in Fallout 76 and is part of the Tales from the West Virginia Hills series of holotapes.


  • The tape can be found in Flatwoods in the mailbox of the house immediately north of Delbert Winters' trailer home.
  • One copy accompanies the corresponding issue of Tales from the West Virginia Hills, along with one copy of part 1. Issues of the magazine are randomly found throughout Appalachia, including a selection of potential spawn points.


Intro music

Narrator: Tonight we bring you the final chapter of "Who Goes There? - a Strange Encounter in Flatwoods." In the last episode Pioneer Scout Fred Fisher met a curious girl named Sally while hiding in the dark. But as it turned out, they weren't alone...

Fred: There are other people here?

Sally: Yeah, they probably just went to get more food. They'll be back soon enough. You can wait with me, and they'll give you food, too. You just have to do what they want.

Fred: What do you mean?

Sally: When they want to play games with you.

Fred: Games? What kind of games?

Sally: I'm still learning the rules. Mostly they're kind of boring and only hurt when they use the needles.

Fred: Needles!?

Sally: Yeah! You know like at the doctor.

Fred: This doesn't sound like any game I know. Sounds down right awful and these people sound really bad. We have to get out here.

Sally: No. No. Stay put! Stay put! Stay put! Stay put!

Fred: Okay! Okay! Stop screaming!

Alien noises

Fred: Ah! The light! It's so bright!

Sally: That's when they come in to bring food or when it's time to play.

Fred: (gasp) Sally, what's that helmet thing you're wearing? It looks like... its screwed into your head!

Sally: (monotone) Time... to... play... time... to... play...

Fred: Sally, what's wrong?

Sally: (monotone) Time... to... play...

Fred: Why are you acting like that?

Sally: (monotone) Time... to... play... time... to... play...

Fred: I see them now. Are they? They aren't human at all.

Alien noises

Sally: (monotone) Time... to... play...

Fred: (grunting) No! Stop! Let me go! Sally, help me!

Sally: (monotone) Time... to... play...

Fred: (panicked) I don't want to play! I don't want to play any games! Noooooooo! (echoing)

Narrator: Fred Fischer was found days later wandering by the river outside Flatwoods. He was disoriented but unharmed save for two small wounds on each temple. To this day, Fred is convinced his strange encounter was real and even continues to search high and low for a missing girl named Sally, who he swears he met.

So, I leave it to you to decide, dear listeners. Was this simply the wild imagination of a frightened boy lost in the woods or was Fred Fisher in fact abducted by brainwashing aliens from outer space? Be sure to tune in next week for another thrilling chapter of Tales from the West Virginia Hills!

Outro music