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I'm taking most of the boys west to go check out this Vault we heard about. Stay here and keep an eye on things until we get back, and keep a closer eye on the Fiends - those guys are crazier than Scrambler. If there's any trouble, radio ahead.Cut content Un-implemented note from Samuel Cooke

The Whittaker farmstead is a location in the Mojave Wasteland. It is situated on the northern side of Nevada 159, southwest of the Allied Technologies offices.


The small farmstead has recently been taken over by a group of Powder Gangers.[1]


The front door has an Easy level lock. A ham radio is inside, along with four to five Powder Gangers using the farmstead as their hideout. Two graves are located west of the farm. The farm can be used as player housing.

Notable loot


  • On the table when first entering, is a note under some Buffout titled, "Ranger holodisk message" that cannot be picked up. The holodisk details a group of rangers and/or other NCR troops cut off from their platoon by legionaries. This is the same note found upstairs in a building in Boulder City, where there are a large number of skeletons and some NCR gear. This is due to a programming error from the developers as they mixed up the Boulder City and the Powder Gangers note, resulting in the same message being shown in both places. In fact, a different message was meant to be read, and it was about one of the Powder Ganger leaders (Samuel Cooke) taking most of their gang to check Vault 19 and asking a few Powder Gangers to stay behind and keep an eye on things until their return, mostly to check on the local NCR and Fiends. Although this message cannot be accessed in-game, it can still be found in the game files under the name PowderGangRanchMsg. However, the last message from Ranger Lutz is mentioned as being at the farmstead in the game guide.[1]
  • If one blows up the sulfur cave in the quest Why Can't We Be Friends?, a large cloud of yellow smoke can be seen billowing from the cave entrance to the west.


The Whittaker farmstead appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.



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