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Whitley was an Enclave scientist responsible for making Duraframe eyebots.


Whitley was stationed at Adams Air Force Base. He made ED-E, and sent it to Navarro with technical data for similarly upgrading eyebots to ED-E's advanced standards. Whitley was very attached to ED-E, acting more like a father than a creator, even showing it children's TV shows.

He wouldn't allow any of the Enclave Hellfire armor tests to cause pain to ED-E and set it free Colonel Augustus Autumn ordered the Duraframe eyebots to be disassembled to make Hellfire armor. His belief that Camp Navarro is still operational suggests that he is not aware of its loss. His current status, as of 2281, is unknown.

Log entriesEdit

"Experiment log 369248/b, eyebot duraframe universal interface override system, this is doctor Whitley presiding. We boosted signal gain and enlarged the overflow buffer system, that should ensure 100 percent connectivity and control. ED-E, whenever you're ready. Yes! Success! full success on 369248/b, ED-E was able to interface with and override the test panel in under 3 seconds. Great job, team. Now let's start on the proposal for the full rollout."
Whitley: "Doctor Grant? What the hell do you think you're doing?"

Grant: Ah, Whitley, There you are. Orders from Colonel Autumn. He feels the eyebot duraframe project isn't advancing fast enough. I'm to...

Whitley: "You didn't even disengage his damage avoidance protocols! You're...hurting him!"

Grant: Don't be ridiculous! It's just a machine! See here? I've already increased the navigation system's efficiency by 65%.

Whitley: "Get the hell out of here!"

Grant: Fine, Whitley. It's your least until I tell the colonel about this.

"I don't believe it! Grant actually went to Colonel Autumn and got approval for her damned efficiency guidelines. All experiments will be carried out with the test subject fully active to reduce iteration time. It's barbaric. I'd explained this to the colonel, just because the eyebots don't have true AI doesn't mean they're just machines. I guess results are all that matter around here. Forget things like ethical procedures or humane treatment. I'm starting to have serious misgivings about leadership around here. At least I've got you to talk to, huh, ED-E?"


Whitley's voice is distinctively different in the base game compared to in Lonesome Road.


Whitley appears in voice-only form in Fallout: New Vegas and in its add-on Lonesome Road.

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