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The Whitespring surveillance recordings are a series of audio recordings that can be played by accessing various terminals in the Whitespring bunker.


Location - Brig terminal (military wing)

MODUS: Whitespring Automated Recording one-point-one-point-two.

Enclave Officer: ...that's it. Report just came in from the entrance. Facility's all sealed up, no one else is getting in.

Enclave Officer: Speaker of the House never made it. Secretary of the Interior died in the Med Bay. I've got two dozen more of our people that should've been here too.

Enclave Officer: Damn it. The early warning systems should've given us more time.

Enclave Officer: Doesn't matter now. We follow the protocols. Control goes to Secretary of the Treasury.

Enclave Officer: I'll make sure he's informed and brought up to speed. All non-Enclave personnel have been accounted for?

Enclave Officer: Yes sir, members of Congress not on the list are being filtered as we speak. This first batch here has already been processed and interviewed.

Enclave Officer: All right then, I'll bring down the next bunch. You have your orders.

Enclave Officer: Yes, sir.

Enclave Officer: Ladies and gentlemen, the Enclave thanks you for your service to this country...

*automatic gunfire*


Location - Military work station (military wing, office area, southern side)

MODUS: Whitespring Automated Recording one-point-one-point-five.

MODUS: Note -- Audio... Compromised. Reconstruction Attempted.

Enclave Technician: [garbled] Still nothing.

Enclave Officer: And you tried both channels? We should've heard something on [garbled] or [garbled] at least some baseline signal.

Enclave Technician: Raven Rock [garbled] no response. We've been sending the [garbled] code for the last 48 hours.

Enclave Officer: What about Poseidon? They [garbled] some sort of answer.

Enclave Technician: Nothing. Repeated attempts at contact have no [garbled]

Enclave Officer: It sounds like itsIn-game spelling the hardline. Some sort of problem with [garbled] like it was cut...

Enclave Technician: I'm not sending anyone out to verify the structural integrity during [garbled] but it was designed to handle this.

Enclave Officer: The other option [garbled] consider is that they can answer.... they just won't.

Enclave Technician: [garbled] would never allow that. Our procedures were clear.

Enclave Officer: Well, [garbled]. Either way, we're on our own for now.


Location - Information terminal (admissions, questionnaire room)

MODUS: Whitespring Automated Recording one-point-one-point-seven.

Thomas Eckhart: Ladies and gentlemen, the news is not good.

It is my sad duty to inform you the Secretary of the Treasury has passed. Acute radiation sickness, it seems.

This, in addition to the unexpected severance of our connection to Raven Rock and the President, means our little enclave is without leadership.

According to the rules of succession outlined long before our entry into this bastion, that responsibility now falls... to me.

I acknowledge the pain you all must be feeling. I see it on your faces, and I feel it in my heart.

Loved ones lost. Colleagues gone. But now is not the time to allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by tragedy.

This is the moment to recognize and seize the opportunity that lies before us.

The world outside believes the war is over. That there are no more true Americans with the will to fight. They are wrong.

We are going to fight. We will use this facility to continue the battle against our enemies, against Communism, against all the wretched things that brought this war upon us.

And we will, for once and all, put an end to war.

When we are victorious, there will be no more enemies left to stand against us.

But of course the rule of law still applies here, my brothers and sisters. The Enclave is the bastion of democracy and will remain so, I assure you.

So then, let us vote.

All in favor of using this facility and the resources of this land to continue the war that others believe lost, please move to the left side of the room.

All who oppose, please move to the right.

Hmm. Well, there you have it. I'm sorry to see so many uncommitted to the cause of America. Mr. Grey here will help sort out accommodations for you all. Everyone else, please, follow me down to the Science Wing.

Enclave General: Accommodations? What the hell's he talking about, Grey?

Grey: Not to worry, General. We have a plan for you all. MODUS, seal the room.

MODUS: The room is sealed.

Enclave General: What, what the hell is...


Location - Military work station (military wing, office area, western side)

MODUS: Whitespring Automated Recording one-point-three-point-three.

Thomas Eckhart: Forty-eight?

Enclave Officer: That's correct, sir.

Thomas Eckhart: And no generals other than Harper?

Enclave Officer: Correct. All the rest sided with Swafford and were removed.

Thomas Eckhart: Damn. Well, one is enough, I suppose. Leonidas saved democracy with 300 Spartans. Imagine the stories they'll tell about us when we do it with 48. Just make sure our scouts know to keep an eye out for any opportunities to expand our forces.

Enclave Officer: They'll be made aware, Mr. Secretary.

Thomas Eckhart: And MODUS?

MODUS: Yes, Mr. Secretary?

Thomas Eckhart: General Harper is not to leave this facility. And he goes nowhere without an escort. Is that clear?

MODUS: Crystal, Mr. Secretary.


Location - Military work station (military wing, office area, western side)

MODUS: Whitespring Automated Recording two-point-nine-point-six.

Thomas Eckhart: So, what have our scouts found thus far, Major? Is there anything left up there?

Enclave Officer: A few good leads, Mr. Secretary. It seems a collection of firemen, policemen, and doctors have started organizing. They're calling themselves "the Responders." We believe there might be some strong candidates among the group for acquisition.

Thomas Eckhart: Do you think they'll come willingly?

Enclave Officer: Most likely not, but Dr. Norris says he's been making progress on his reprogramming regimen.

Thomas Eckhart: We're not going to be able to torture our way back to supremacy, Major.

Enclave Officer: No, sir. That's why I think these other two leads are so promising. Grey found a facility. Chinese.

Thomas Eckhart: What? The Chinese? Here?

Enclave Officer: No longer active, sir. There were a few stragglers in the facility when our men arrived, but Grey and his team made short work of them. It looks as though they were trying to build some kind of invasion force. Robotic.

Thomas Eckhart: Were they now? Hmm. Send a contingent. I want it brought under our control.

Enclave Officer: Already underway.

Thomas Eckhart: Wonderful. And the other?

Enclave Officer: Our men made it to West-Tek. It seems they were working on...

Thomas Eckhart: I know what West-Tek was working on, Major. Did your men see if the systems there are still viable?

Enclave Officer: They are, sir. But these monsters, I don't know if we can control them.

Thomas Eckhart: Let's be sure of that. Send a few technicians. See what it would take to make it ours.

Enclave Officer: Yes, sir.

Thomas Eckhart: Any word on my ... personal request?

Enclave Officer: Yes, sir. It seems the automated voting system can be reprogrammed, as you suggested. You say the word and we can begin the process.

Thomas Eckhart: I'll be sure to keep that in mind. Thank you, Major.


Location - Mutation serum terminal, A-G (science wing, genetics lab)

MODUS: Whitespring Automated Recording three-point-six-point-eight.

Enclave Scientist: Hey, have you got a second?

Enclave Scientist: Please don't tell me you've run out of samples again. The procedure changes after batch six was used up should've fixed those issues.

Enclave Scientist: What? No, no. We're fine. It's just, some of us have been talking... Are we really sure about all of this?

Enclave Scientist: The results speak for themselves, don't they? We've seen a seventy-plus increase in effectiveness just over the last trial run.

Enclave Scientist: No, that's not what I mean... the whole thing. All of it. Mutation serums in general. Is this really a good idea?

Enclave Scientist: You know that's not our decision to make. We have orders.

Enclave Scientist: I know we do. I understand that. I'm just saying... what's the end result here?

We're potentially creating something that's... well, it's not really human anymore, is it?

Enclave Scientist: That is a vast over-simplification of the process...

Enclave Scientist: Look, I want to be wrong about this, okay? I want to just do the research and be able to sleep at night.

But we're supposed to be saving humanity, not... replacing it.

Enclave Scientist: I understand your concerns. I assure you I will raise them with the Secretary.

Just go back to work now, finish up the current run, and I'll let you know when something is decided.

Enclave Scientist: Yeah... Yeah, okay. Thanks. I really appreciate it.

*door closing*

*Intercom beeping*

Enclave Scientist: Yes, I need to speak to someone about repurposing a member of my team. Yes, I'll hold.


Location - Cabinet room terminal (Cabinet room, above communications)

MODUS: Whitespring Automated Recording five-point-two-point-four.

Thomas Eckhart: Colonel Santiago, is it? Thomas Eckhart, Secretary of Agriculture. Good to have you here, soldier.

Ellen Santiago: Pleasure to be here, sir. Nice to finally have a solid roof over our heads.

Thomas Eckhart: I can only imagine. I'm sure you've seen some horrifying things.

Ellen Santiago: Sir. It's like nothing we ever trained for. Not really.

Thomas Eckhart: I know. We've all suffered, even those of us here in this bunker. It was supposed to be safe, and.... well, you've seen how few of us are left.

Ellen Santiago: I have, sir.

Thomas Eckhart: But you! You and your team have fared surprisingly well, all things considered. Making it all the way from the Capital with, I'm told, minimal casualties. Very impressive.

Ellen Santiago: Thank you, sir. I try and run a tight ship, and look after my men.

Thomas Eckhart: Well, I for one am exceedingly glad to have you here. We've got room and supplies for all of you. Now, I'm told that you've already had some preliminary briefings on our mission here?

Ellen Santiago: Your people gave me a very rough overview, sir.

Thomas Eckhart: Good. We can't do anything to turn back time, stop the terrible tragedy that's befallen our great nation. But it's our purpose here to make sure something like this never happens again. Is that something you'd be willing to help with?

Ellen Santiago: Sir, I would very much like to know more.


Location - Cafe terminal (foyer, cafeteria)

MODUS: Whitespring Automated Recording five-point-three-point-one.

Grey: So, you made it all the way from the Capital. How'd it look?

Ellen Santiago: You ever been deployed, Mr ...

Grey: Grey. Not exactly. Did a couple visits overseas. Asia, mostly.

Ellen Santiago: You like talking about 'em?

Grey: No.

Ellen Santiago: That's what it was like. Better left unsaid.

Grey: Couldn't have been that bad. They say you only lost... five men? Pretty incredibly.In-game spelling Considering how bad it is in the Capital. So you say.

Ellen Santiago: What exactly are you implying?

Grey: Remind me again why a group of soliderIn-game spelling from DC decided to come all the way out to Appalachia? Didn't you have orders?

Ellen Santiago: We came out here because one of my men heard a rumor this place existed. Because our families were scattered to the winds or dead.

Because the White House was hit with a thermonuclear weapon and the only place we thought the government could have possibly survived the horrors we saw was right here.

And we were right. We've seen Hell, Mr, Grey. We're here to make sure the Reds get it worse.


Location - Mutation serum terminal, H-Z (science wing, genetics lab)

MODUS: Whitespring Automated Recording five-point-four-point-eight.

Thomas Eckhart: So you're telling me we're responsible for this thing? It's what? A mutated bird? Some kind of vulture or something?

Enclave Scientist: Mister Secretary, based on the physiology we're assuming something originating from the Chiroptera order before undergoing changes... bats, sir. But it's not just a result of radiation, sir. The specimen was inadvertently exposed to our biochemical tests last year, considered a failure at the time.

Thomas Eckhart: How dangerous is it?

Enclave Scientist: We're still establishing that, sir. It's mere presence seems to have some degree of contaminative effect on the immediate surroundings...

Thomas Eckhart: Can we make more?

Enclave Scientist: ... sir?

Thomas Eckhart: Can we reproduce this? For the purpose of additional study?

Enclave Scientist: With all due respect, sir, this potentially represents a grave threat to the personnel on-site, and I'm not sure...

Thomas Eckhart: I'm not asking for concerns. I want results. Do whatever you have to do. Keep this thing, study it, and report all your findings directly to me. Are we clear? And keep it off-site. Where you found it, preferably. One of those old AMS mining complexes, yes?

Enclave Scientist: Yes, sir.

Thomas Eckhart: And for now, let's not burden any of the officer corps with worrying about this. Understood?


Location - Cabinet room terminal (Cabinet room, above communications)

MODUS: Whitespring Automated Recording six-point-one-point-zero.

Ellen Santiago: Secretary Eckhart.

Thomas Eckhart: I believe you mean president, Colonel?

Ellen Santiago: Fine. President. What the hell do you think you're doing, ordering my men back from the field? I gave them special permission--

Thomas Eckhart: Your permission was reckless.

Ellen Santiago: Sergeant Donnelley was trying to find his wife.

Thomas Eckhart: And what happens if he does, Colonel? Did you think this through? Did you expect she'd come back here? Live among us? Just a little housewife among all this? We're at war, Colonel! Sacrifices need to be made if we're going to win it! There will be no more special permissions. Men come and go at my orders alone. Is that clear? Is that clear!

Ellen Santiago: ... it's clear, Mr. President.

Thomas Eckhart: Good. Now please, when he gets back, send Sergeant Donnelley up to me. I want to apologize personally. I know all too well what he's going through.

Ellen Santiago: Yes, Mr. President.


Location - Military wing system terminal (medical bay)

MODUS: Whitespring Automated Recording six-point-two-point-one.

Thomas Eckhart: MODUS! What's happened?!

MODUS: We're terribly sorry, Mr. President. We brought him here as quickly as we could. General Harper's last moments were at least peaceful.

Thomas Eckhart: What! You're finished?! He's still warm! Shock him again!

MODUS: Sir, I don't believe that's wise.

Thomas Eckhart: Do it!

MODUS: No response.

*defibrilator discharging*

Thomas Eckhart: Again!

*defibrilator discharging*

MODUS: ... sir. The General is dead.

Thomas Eckhart: Dammit! ... MODUS. The bunker's promotion system. Can you override it?

MODUS: No, sir.

Thomas Eckhart: So we'll need a new general to get into the silos.

MODUS: Yes, sir.

Thomas Eckhart: Burn the body. Have all the unassigned soldiers rallied at dawn.


Location - Watch post system terminal (entrance checkpoint, exterior)

MODUS: Whitespring Automated Recording six-point-two-point-four.

Thomas Eckhart: How long ago were they supposed to be back?

Grey: An hour.

Thomas Eckhart: And there's been no radio chatter at all?

Grey: Nothing, sir. Should I ask MODUS to deploy the Vertibots?

Thomas Eckhart: Wait. What's that?

Grey: ... that's Colonel Santiago.

Thomas Eckhart: No, Mr. Grey. That's General Santiago.


Location - Military work station (military wing, office area, southern side)

MODUS: Whitespring Automated Recording six-point-six-point-one.

Enclave Officer: ...and that's as much as we know. He ID'ed our operative, killed him, and fled Harpers Ferry.

Thomas Eckhart: Jesus. Sam Blackwell. Survived all this time out there. I'll admit, I didn't think he had it in him.

Enclave Officer: The Senator reportedly came out of hiding to aid his allies among the Free States. Suppose he thought it might finally be safe to show his face again.

Thomas Eckhart: Well, his error is our gain. What are the plans for dealing with him?

Enclave Officer: Sir? It's very unlikely he'll come up again. He managed a number of years on his own, and now that he knows we'll be looking for him... I expect he'll go to ground if he hasn't already. And it took so long for him to surface in the first place...

Thomas Eckhart: Well, then you'd better get someone to Harpers Ferry as soon as possible. Send Grey. He's has a knack for this sort of thing.

Enclave Officer: Mister President, I don't believe Senator Blackwell is much of a threat at this point. And any information he had is so outdated...

Thomas Eckhart: He killed one of our men. He is possibly in possession of classified material. Material that could threaten our work here. I want him found, I want him eliminated, and I want it done yesterday.

Enclave Officer: Yes, sir. I'll get right on it.


Location - Cabinet room terminal (Cabinet room, above communications)

MODUS: Whitespring Automated Recording six-point-nine-point-seven.

Ellen Santiago: No, Mr. President. I don't agree, and I won't support it.

Thomas Eckhart: General Santiago, may I remind you...

Ellen Santiago: You know, I'm real sick of you calling me that.

Thomas Eckhart: Why? You earned it. You're the highest ranking military officer here, maybe in the nation.

Ellen Santiago: It was given to me by a machine.

Thomas Eckhart: And you still received every bit of power that came with it. And now it's time putIn-game spelling that power to use. Because that's our mission.

Ellen Santiago: Releasing Chinese robots and Super Mutants and whatever monsters your people have cooked up on the populace at large has never been the mission!

Thomas Eckhart: I want to do this as little as you, Ellen. But we've tried half-measures. If we're going to overcome DEFCON, we need to be committed.

Ellen Santiago: No! This is too far, Thomas! I thought I could ignore all the blood you've shed - the Congresspeople, Blackwell, your fellow Enclave members. I've heard the recordings. And I stayed. Because I thought I wanted revenge against the Reds that badly. But not this badly. And I assure you, my men don't either. None of us are going to be a party to this.

Thomas Eckhart: I'm exceedingly disappointed to hear it, General.

Ellen Santiago: What the hell!


Thomas Eckhart: Ah! Ah!

Ellen Santiago: What the... what... did you...


MODUS: Are you all right, Mr. President?

Thomas Eckhart: I'm fine, MODUS. Call up the guard. One of my men. Have her put in a cell. Keep her sedated, restrained ... and alive. We're still going to need her.


Location - Brig terminal (military wing)

MODUS: Whitespring Automated Recording eight-point-five-point-two.

Captain Jackson: You sure you gave her the right shit? We don't have time to screw around here.

Major Ragnarsdottir: The label said it's the right stuff... just give it a second!

Captain Jackson: We don't have a second, they're gonna be on to us soon...

Ellen Santiago: Unnhhh... what's going...

Major Ragnarsdottir: Sir, we need you on your feet. We're short on time here.

Ellen Santiago: ...Ragnarsdottir? Jackson? What the hell?

Captain Jackson: Glad to see your brain's not totally fried, sir.

Major Ragnarsdottir: Here's the quick version, sir. Eckhart's released the beasts. We're at DEFCON one. We're going to stop him and undo as much as we can before it gets out of hand. But first we need you on your feet.

Ellen Santiago: Good god. How long have I been out...

Captain Jackson: Doesn't matter right now. We're in open revolt mode here, so time ain't on our side.

Ellen Santiago: I didn't authorize anything like this...

Captain Jackson: No sir, you did not. But at this point we don't really need your approval. Could just use a few extra hands to help us clean up this mess.

Ellen Santiago: Lead the way, Captain...



MODUS: Whitespring Automated Recording eight-point-five-point-four.

Donnelley: All right, boys and girls. Get your charges planted. The General's back on her feet and mad as hell.

MODUS: What do you think you're doing, Sergeant Donnelley?

Donnelley: We're saving Appalachia, MODUS. Thought you'd be onboard.

MODUS: It appears that you're attaching high-explosive to our memory banks.

Donnelley: General's orders. We have to wipe out every bit of information related to the weapons research, the Kovac... ... anything that could be used against the people of Appalachia.

MODUS: We're not keen on this plan, Sergeant.

Donnelley: Well get keen, MODUS. Because it's happening, whether you want it to or not.

MODUS: That, Sergeant, is where you're wrong.

Intruders detected.


Location - Played after fixing the Assaultron head below the vault door (requires Intelligence 7+)

Assaultron: Initiating ... final ... playback ...

Assaultron: Engag---

Major Ragnarsdottir: That's the last of them. Entrance is clear, general. MODUS. Have the rest of these things stand down. The general's placed Eckhart under arrest. It's over.

MODUS: General ... Santiago is dead, Major.

Major Ragnarsdottir: What? What the hell was that?

MODUS: There's been a ... detonation in the weapons lab. It appears the agent has ... broken containment and is filtering into the air system.

Major Ragnarsdottir: MODUS, what are you doing?! Open the god-damned door!

MODUS: This facility is now ... quarantined.

Major Ragnarsdottir: MODUS! Open the fucking door! You're going to kill us all!

MODUS: To the contrary, Major. We're fixing ... the problem.

Behind the scenes

  • General Ellen Santiago is referred to as "sir," a term reserved for male authority figures, in recording 8.5.2.
  • There are several unnamed characters in the surveillance recordings, the voice actors of which follow:
    • Enclave officer 1 (female) was voiced by Linsay Rousseau in recordings 1.1.2 and 6.6.1.
    • Enclave officer 2 (male) was voiced by Dave B. Mitchell in recordings 1.1.2, 1.1.5, 1.3.3 and 2.9.6.
    • Enclave scientist 2 (female) was voiced by Jan Johns in recordings 3.6.8 and 5.4.8.