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Whitesprings shuttle bus is a large vehicle found in Appalachia in 2102.

General Information/ Characteristics

  • Widely used across West Virginia and is shown to be used for purposes ranging from shuttling skiers to moving military personal
  • There is a first aid kit containing basic supplies either located behind the driver or on the rear passenger side of the bus

Drive-train specifications

  • The shuttle bus is seen to have a front engine rear drive configuration
  • It can be assumed by the rugged design to be a gas engine powered vehicle but oddly will still explode like a mini-nuke when shot.

Interesting facts

  • In the event of severe engine damage the entire front end will be destroyed, causing almost no damage to the rear.
  • Interestingly doesn't employ an emergency exit even though the only flammable materials is directly next to the door
  • Enemies don't have programming to enter the bus and will often circle the bus awaiting the players departure.
  • On the occasion the bus model has a door, a second door-less bus model will spawn inside of it if it explodes, leaving the original model intact.


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