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Before we depart, our shaman, White Bird, asked me to convey his desire to speak with you.Waking Cloud

White Bird's cave is a location in the Narrows in 2281, in the northern part of Zion Canyon.


It is a small one-room cave with a campfire in the middle, logs, and some usable beds. There are a few tables with some consumable items such as broc flower and grilled mantis. There are three sacks with food, datura antivenom, and different types of poison glands inside. The cave is inhabited by White Bird and a few Sorrows tribals.

Notable loot[]

Related quests[]

Speaking to White Bird opens up a dialogue, where if one has the Wild Wasteland trait, he will state the necessity to "Take drugs, kill a bear" in place of "Seek medicine plant, return with sacred datura root, receive visions of truth, they guide you!" After talking to him, he will tell the player character about making datura tea, opening the quest Rite of Passage.


White Bird's cave appears only in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Honest Hearts.