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The Whistle in the Dark is a ranged weapon in Fallout 76, introduced in the Nuclear Winter update.


The Whistle in the Dark is not one, but two unique versions of the assault rifle. They both come equipped with the Nocturnal, VATS Enhanced and Perception Legendary effects, as well as several non-standard modifications.

  • Nocturnal: Damage increases with the night
  • VATS Enhanced: +50% VATS hit chance
  • Perception: +1 Perception
  • Steadfast receiver
  • Aligned long barrel
  • Aligned stock
  • Piercing magazine
  • Short night vision scope
  • Suppressor
Survival Mode variant (legacy):

The Whistle in the dark was added as a standalone weapon as part of the Nuclear Winter update. It was only obtainable via a Survival Mode weekly challenge which only ran during two separate weeks during 2019. This weapon cannot be painted or Legendary crafted.

Daily Ops variant:

The Whistle in the Dark was added again as a standalone weapon as part of the One Wasteland For All update. This copy may only be crafted upon learning the Plan: Whistle in the Dark, which may be obtained from other players or as a rare Daily Ops reward. It is statistically identical to the original weapon, however it comes equipped with the orange-and-yellow striped Settler paint. Additionally, it cannot be dropped, sold or traded.


Weapon modifications[]

ModDescriptionEffectsDamage changeFire rate changeRange changeAccuracy changeAP cost changeRequirementsResources
Steadfast receiver
ModDescriptionRange changeAccuracy changeAP cost changeRequirementsResources
Aligned long barrelSuperior range. Improved recoil and hip-fire accuracy.+84+2
ModDescriptionAccuracy changeAP cost changeRequirementsResources
Aligned stock
Improved recoil and hip-fire accuracy.+2
Gunsmith 4 to craft
Adhesive x3
Aluminum x5
Rubber x7
Screw x7
Spring x3
ModDescriptionEffectsAmmo capacity changeAP cost changeRequirementsResources
Piercing magazine
(Quick armor piercing)
Improved reload speed, armor penetration.
Gunsmith 4 to craft
Adhesive x3
Aluminum x2
Black titanium x2
Copper x4
Oil x2
Screw x3
Spring x5
ModDescriptionAccuracy changeAP cost changeRequirementsResources
Short night vision scope
ModDescriptionEffectsRange changeAccuracy changeRequirementsResources
Suppresses sound from firing. Improved per-shot recoil. Improved recoil control. Reduced range.-30+1
Adhesive x3
Aluminum x5
Plastic x5
Screw x3


  • The original Whistle in the Dark was a reward for completing the "Covert Action" weekly challenge in Survival mode. The challenges were available from June 25 to July 1, 2019 and again from August 20–27, 2019.
    • Kill a creature while using a Stealth Boy.
    • Destroy a turret while sneaking.
    • Hack a terminal at night.
    • Pick a lock at night.
    • Take a camera picture of a humanlike creature at night.



The Whistle in the Dark appears in Fallout 76, introduced in the Nuclear Winter update. Although it was originally an exclusive reward from completing a limited-time Survival mode challenge, it was reintroduced with a new paint scheme in One Wasteland For All as a Daily Ops reward.