This page is about the consumable whiskey. For the junk item whiskey (bottle), see Whiskey bottle (Fallout 4).
For an overview of whiskey and other alcohol types, see Alcohol.


Whiskey is an alcoholic beverage in Fallout 4.


Brewed pre-War by Uisce Beatha, it is used in crafting Dirty Wastelander and Grape Mentats, the latter of which lowers buying prices and raises selling prices as well as raising Charisma. Drinking whiskey increases the user's Strength stat by 2 but inhibits their intellectual capabilities.



The label on the bottle reads "UISCE BEATHA Irish Whiskey." Uisce beatha (literally "water of life") is the name for whiskey in Irish Gaelic, and it is also the etymological origin for the word "whiskey."

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