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Whiskey is a consumable item in Fallout: New Vegas. It increases Charisma and Strength and reduces Intelligence by 1.


A common brand of whiskey in the region post-War was produced by Olde Royale. As with any food item in Fallout: New Vegas, whiskey's positive and negative effects are altered by the player character's Survival skill, including the DT increase provided by the Whiskey Rose perk. With a Survival skill of 100 the player character will receive +3 to Charisma and Strength, and -3 to Intelligence, as well as +6 to Damage Threshold if they have the Whiskey Rose perk.

In Hardcore mode, whiskey will increase the one's level of Dehydration. This effect is also affected by the Survival skill, going from +25 at lower levels to +75 with a 100 Survival skill. Whiskey is used in making Party Time Mentats at campfires.

Whiskey Rose is a perk provided while Cass is serving as a companion in the player character's party. With this perk, the penalty to Intelligence for consuming any type of alcohol is eliminated, as are the effects of alcohol addiction. However, the perk provides an additional bonus when consuming whiskey, providing a temporary 2-6 point increase (based on Survival skill level) to the player character's Damage Threshold.

Survival skill effect

SkillEffectHardcore effect
10+1 Strength for 4m, +1 Charisma for 4m, -1 Intelligence for 4m+30 Dehydration 
20+1 Strength for 4m, +1 Charisma for 4m, -1 Intelligence for 4m+35 Dehydration 
30+1 Strength for 4m, +1 Charisma for 4m, -1 Intelligence for 4m+40 Dehydration 
40+1 Strength for 4m, +1 Charisma for 4m, -1 Intelligence for 4m+45 Dehydration 
50+2 Strength for 4m, +2 Charisma for 4m, -2 Intelligence for 4m+50 Dehydration 
60+2 Strength for 4m, +2 Charisma for 4m, -2 Intelligence for 4m+55 Dehydration 
70+2 Strength for 4m, +2 Charisma for 4m, -2 Intelligence for 4m+60 Dehydration 
80+2 Strength for 4m, +2 Charisma for 4m, -2 Intelligence for 4m+65 Dehydration 
90+2 Strength for 4m, +2 Charisma for 4m, -2 Intelligence for 4m+70 Dehydration 
100+3 Strength for 4m, +3 Charisma for 4m, -3 Intelligence for 4m+75 Dehydration 


  • Dixon's whiskey is a variant sold by Freeside merchant Dixon. It provides no Charisma boost and a penalty of 2 to Intelligence and also has a 50% addiction rate.
  • Irradiated whiskey is, as the name indicates, radioactive. It provides the same effects as whiskey with an added 10 rads. It can be found reliably in one place, the Searchlight fire station, where three bottles are located in the kitchen. A fourth bottle may rarely be found in the refrigerator inside Hell's Motel. It can also be found in a small, ruined building east of the mole rat ranch. Both variants do not provide any increase to Damage Threshold when the player character has the Whiskey Rose perk, though their penalties to Intelligence are still negated.


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  • Cass receives a temporary Damage Threshold bonus when she consumes whiskey. Because Cass' Survival skill does not increase as she levels, this bonus remains fixed at +2 DT.
  • Any bottle with whiskey in it will glow in the dark, like Nuka-Cola Quartz or Victory.