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Kasumi is here. She's safe and unharmed, and you're free to see her, if you'd like. Before you do, though, tell me: Do you think Kasumi is a synth?DiMA

Where You Belong is a main quest and achievement/trophy in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.

Quick walkthrough

Far Harbor main quest: Where You Belong
Talk to the leader of Acadia.
Leads to: Acadian Ideals
Talk to Kasumi Nakano.
Hack Faraday's terminal.
Gain access to the storage room.
Talk to DiMA.
Obtain Faraday's program.
Report back to Kasumi.
Reward: 500 XP
500 caps
Leads to: Best Left Forgotten

Detailed walkthrough

Old Longfellow leads the Sole Survivor to Acadia and gives them a reward. The Sole Survivor enters the settlement, where its leader, an old synth by the name of DiMA, greets the player character and informs them that Kasumi is indeed there.

If Nick Valentine is brought along as a companion, it is revealed that DiMA and Nick are technically "brothers," as they were the first two prototypes of the Institute's attempts to give a machine free will and thought. DiMA explains that he was the one who freed Nick from the Institute, though having done so over a century ago, Nick's memory of the event had worn away, though DiMA bears no regret for this.

The Sole Survivor is directed to Kasumi's location in the basement of the settlement and is extended an invitation to explore the colony, and meet the fellow founders, Faraday and Chase; thus beginning the Acadian Ideals quest.

Upon traveling to the basement, Kasumi affirms her belief that she is a synth, though the Sole Survivor may try to change her mind. She then confesses that she also believes there's a secret behind Acadia, and presents three options for finding it out: talking to DiMA, hacking Faraday's terminal, or eavesdropping on their meeting by hiding in a storage closet. Choosing any of the methods result in the truth being revealed: DiMA gave an old nuclear submarine to the Children of Atom as a home base, now known as "The Nucleus." If one decides to talk to DiMA, a speech check will need to be passed.

The vessel is also where DiMA stored his old memory files, putting the two factions (the Children of Atom and the Harbormen) on the brink of war if they're discovered. Now, the only options are to either talk to DiMA or steal the program from Faraday's desk, in the room to the right of the main chamber. Taking the program takes the player character back to Kasumi, who speculates that DiMA may know more, but leaves it up to the player character to figure that out, ending the quest and starting the quest Best Left Forgotten.

Quest stages

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
10 Talk to the leader of AcadiaI've arrived in Acadia, the refuge for synths. I should talk to whoever is in charge and see what they know about Kasumi.
100 Talk to Kasumi NakanoI've met DiMA, the leader of Acadia. He's opened the compound to me, and says I can see Kasumi Nakano whenever I want.
200 Uncover DiMA's secretsKasumi thinks that DiMA is secretly planning something that threatens the entire island. She wants me to get to the bottom of what's going on.
200 (Optional) Talk to DiMA
200 (Optional) Gain Access to the Storage Room
200 (Optional) Hack Faraday's Terminal
220 Obtain Faraday's program
220 (Optional) Talk to DiMA
500 Report back to KasumiI've found out that DiMA's earliest memories are being held by the Children of Atom. I should talk this over with Kasumi.
1000Quest finishedQuest CompletedIt turns out that DiMA's earliest memories are in the hands of the Children of Atom. I need to access those memories and find out what's in them.


  • It is possible to get up to three likes with Nick Valentine if the Sole Survivor is a member of both the Institute and the Railroad.
  • Nick will dislike choosing "I'm in the Brotherhood" then "Give Acadia a chance." Danse will hate doing this. Conversely, Curie will like it.
  • If the storage room has been opened before talking to Kasumi, choosing to eavesdrop on the meeting will result in the Sole Survivor saying that they have opened the door already, instead of finding a way to open it.
  • If eavesdropping, passing a speech check with Cog reveals he lost a key to the storage closet. It is in the upper walkway of DiMA's observatory on a table at the very end of the walkway. The key is available even without the speech check.
  • If The Sole Survivor has completed The Nuclear Option and tells DiMA that the Institute is now destroyed for good, he will share his gratitude that there's no more hunts and slavery, but also express grief at the fact that the technology to make synths is also gone in the process.


  • PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 Xbox OneXbox One Using the stealth option can leave the player character stuck in the Stealth Boy effect. The Pip-Boy is not visible, presenting an unplayable situation.[verified]
    • From the Bethesda customer service website: We are investigating reports that some players are turning invisible after eavesdropping on DiMA in Far Harbor. If you experience this issue, you should completely exit out of the game and restart. If playing on console, we also recommend rebooting your Xbox One or PlayStation 4.