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I've got a group of settlers inside! The Raiders are almost through the door! Grab that Laser Musket and help us! Please!Preston Garvey

When Freedom Calls is a Minutemen main quest and achievement/trophy in Fallout 4.

Quick walkthrough

Minutemen main quest: When Freedom Calls
Listen to Preston Garvey's request at the balcony.
(Optional) Take the laser musket.
Enter the Museum of Freedom.
Fight the raiders and locate the trapped people.
Talk to Preston Garvey.
(Optional) Pick up the fusion core in the basement of the museum.
Go on the roof and activate the power armor.
Get the minigun.
Break the raider assault.
Eliminate the remaining hostiles and the deathclaw in Concord.
Report back to Preston.
Reward: 300+ XP
100 caps
50 fusion cells
Power Armor
Join Preston in Sanctuary Hills.
Leads to: The First Step
The Sight

Detailed walkthrough

As the Sole Survivor enters Concord, they will hear a commotion around the Museum of Freedom. A group of raiders are laying siege to the building while a man on the balcony fires back with a laser weapon. To begin the quest, the Sole Survivor must help eliminate the raiders outside of the building. With the threat neutralized, the man on the balcony will call out to them with instructions to grab the short laser musket and fusion cells on the ground and use them to help fight off the raiders inside the building.

Once inside the building, the Sole Survivor will find themselves under fire from raiders on the balcony directly ahead. There are two pathways forward including a series of museum exhibits to the right and a gate with an Advanced lock below the balcony. Both pathways lead to the other side of the balcony, where a stairway and a collapsed floor grant access to the second floor and basement, respectively.

Climbing to the second floor, the Sole Survivor will find a ruined office area on the southwest side of the building. A door on the northeast side leads to another series of raider-infested exhibits, which then lead into another stairwell to access the third floor. After exiting onto the upper balcony and eliminating the remaining raiders, the man from outside will open the door at the northwest end of the balcony leading into the building's main office.

As the Sole Survivor enters the office, the man will compliment them on their timing and introduce himself as Preston Garvey of the Commonwealth Minutemen. After introducing the rest of his group Preston will turn the conversation over to Sturges, who will lay out his plan to deal with the remaining raiders in Concord: steal the "cherry" suit of T-45 power armor in the pre-War vertibird embedded in the building's roof, then wipe the raiders out with the vertibird's minigun. There is just one small problem: the armor needs a fusion core to power it, and the only working core in the building is locked behind a security gate in the basement.

In the office, the Sole Survivor can find the Perception bobblehead and a copy of RobCo Fun containing the Atomic Command holotape. Mama Murphy will stop them to talk about the Sight and offer a cryptic warning: something is coming, and it is angry. Passing a moderate Charisma check will encourage her to speak of something very dangerous that will rear its ugly head during the coming battle; failing the check she will simply respond "It ain't a raider." The Longs will spout some panicky dialogue, but will not reveal any useful information.

From here the Sole Survivor can head to the basement to tackle the Novice locked terminal or the Novice security gate and retrieve the fusion core. With the core in hand, they can then head to the roof to retrieve the power armor and minigun, as well as a holotape from one of the crash victims. The raiders will quickly spot the Sole Survivor as they grab the minigun. Alternatively, the Sole Survivor can skip all this and head straight outside.

As the Sole Survivor engages the raiders, loud banging noises will emanate from the sewers, warning of things to come. Once enough time has passed or the Sole Survivor approaches the end of the main roadway, a deathclaw will burst out of the sewer and begin attacking everything it sees. The minigun can be used to eliminate these threats while using the nearby buildings for cover.

After clearing the area of hostiles, the Sole Survivor can re-enter the museum to find Preston and his group ready to move out. Preston will be awed at the Sole Survivor's display, and reward them with 100 caps and 50 fusion cells before discussing his intention to move the group to Sanctuary Hills. Mama Murphy will then bring up the Sole Survivor's destiny, revealing that she can feel their son's energy but does not know exactly where he is. She will suggest to the Sole Survivor that they head to Diamond City to seek out more information, starting the next quest, Jewel of the Commonwealth. After wrapping up the conversation, the group begins traveling to Sanctuary. The Sole Survivor can travel with them or meet them there later to complete the quest.

Quest stages

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
10 Find the Last MinutemenI've heard of a group called the Minutemen, a volunteer army devoted to helping others. The last of them are said to be making their way to Concord.
20 Enter the MuseumA man is protecting a group of people inside the Museum of Freedom in Concord. He pleaded for me to help him fend off their attackers.
25 Locate the trapped settlersI've made it inside the Museum of Freedom in Concord, where a man is defending a group of people against armed thugs.
30 Kill the RaidersThe people under attack inside the Museum are pinned down inside a room. They won't open the door until all their attackers are dealt with.
35 Talk to Preston GarveyThe Museum of Freedom is safe, for the moment. I should check on the people who are trapped on the top floor.
45 Unlock the security gatePreston Garvey wants me to deal with the Raiders in Concord for good. He says there's a suit of Power Armor on the roof I can use, if I can find a Fusion Core for it.
50 Get a fusion core - Put the fusion core in the power armor
60 Enter the power armor - Grab the minigun
65 Clear Concord of hostiles
80 Report back to PrestonConcord is safe. Preston Garvey will want to hear about this.
100 Join Preston Garvey in SanctuaryPreston Garvey has asked me to join him and the other settlers in Sanctuary.
1000Quest finishedQuest completeI've helped Preston Garvey and the people under his care settle in a new home in Sanctuary.

Companion reactions

Preston is upset about the decline of the Minutemen during his initial meeting with the Sole Survivor

Preston asks the Sole Survivor to clear out the Raiders using the minigun on the roof

Sturges asks the Sole Survivor to retrieve the fusion core from the basement

Mama Murphy is musing that Dogmeat was a good dog for bringing the Sole Survivor to the museum

Mama Murphy calls the Sole Survivor their hero

Mama Murphy foreshadows that something angry is coming

Preston says he's glad to have the Sole Survivor on his side after the Deathclaw is wiped out

Preston asks the Sole Survivor to help them out at Sanctuary


  • If the Sole Survivor already has a fusion core in their inventory when they speak to Sturges, they can use it in the power armor and save the one found in the basement.
  • Sturges has alternative dialogue if the player character is already wearing power armor upon accepting the quest. He will also remark differently depending on the presence or absence of a fusion core. If there is no fusion core, he will still recommend retrieving one from the basement. There is also additional dialogue with Preston Garvey if the Sole Survivor is already carrying a minigun.
  • It is possible to skip this quest altogether and head towards Diamond City straight away. However, to progress further in the Minutemen questline, this quest must be completed.
  • The deathclaw spawn seems to be scripted to occur after a certain time, as well as by proximity; thus, it is possible to remain on the museum roof and observe the deathclaw's emergence from a distance, without having to descend to ground level and put oneself at risk. However, this can make the fight last longer, as the deathclaw may move out of the Sole Survivor's line of sight, necessitating dropping to the ground to continue the fight.
  • It is possible to complete this quest without ever getting the fusion core and power armor.
  • Without using a suit of power armor, it is possible to get the minigun from the Vertibird with at least 8 points in Strength.
  • If this quest wasn't completed when Burning Cover has been activated, then Desdemona will request the Sole Survivor to seek out the remnants of the Commonwealth Minutemen in Concord and work with them to take down the Institute. In order to complete Burning Cover, When Freedom Calls must be completed first.
  • With Nuka-World installed, should the Sole Survivor become the overboss of Nuka-World prior to completing this quest, then at the end of this quest, Preston Garvey will be upset about what the Sole Survivor did in helping the Nuka-World raiders, and will ask them to repent their actions and to leave them by stating that "the last thing the Commonwealth needs is another gang of Raiders." Regardless of ignoring or accepting Garvey's request to leave the Nuka-World raiders, he will state that in order to continue working with the Minutemen, he will ask them to eliminate the Nuka-World raiders first.
    • Accepting Garvey's request to wipe out the Nuka-World raiders will start Open Season, the quest where the Sole Survivor must execute the Nuka-World raider gang leaders to free Nuka-Town's traders from slavery. This is the same quest the Sole Survivor gets when they meet Mackenzie Bridgeman.
    • The Nuka-World raiders don't have to be eliminated; just simply becoming their enemy will return Preston Garvey's dialogue back to normal again. This is the only scenario where one can get the most of the Nuka-World raiders and keep Preston Garvey as a companion. If Open Season has been completed, Preston won't mention the Nuka-World raiders at all.


  • PCPC If the player character forcibly breaks out of conversation with Preston after defeating the deathclaw but before letting Mama Murphy's dialogue initiate the Jewel of the Commonwealth quest, it can break the quest. Preston and the rest of the settlers will speak as if they are currently en route to Sanctuary, but will never leave the museum. This effectively locks the player character out of all further Minutemen quests, as even using the console to complete the related quests will not update Preston and the rest of the group, and they will remain permanently "stuck" in their journey to Sanctuary.[verified]
  • PCPC It is possible to break this quest if the player character ignores the raider battle and instead rushes to engage the deathclaw, resulting in Preston remaining on the balcony with no dialogue options. Using the console and the setstage command will not fix this issue. Although it seems intuitive that the destruction of the deathclaw should trigger completion, using resurrect on the deathclaw and killing it again may not advance the quest. Instead, resurrect and kill Gristle. This will trigger Preston's dialogue, and he will then leave the balcony and the quest can be completed.[verification overdue]
    • PCPC It is possible to fix this by heading to Sanctuary, teleporting Preston there by typing 0001A4D7.moveto player in the console. Preston will then start moving back to the museum, but can be spoken to, exhausting his dialogue advances and completes the quest.[verification overdue]