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What Atom Requires is a side quest in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.

Quick walkthrough

Far Harbor side quest: What Atom Requires
Help the Children of Atom
(Optional) Assist the Grand Zealot Richter.
(Optional) Show the Mother icon to the High Confessor Tektus.
(Optional) Help the High Confessor.
(Optional) Help Zealot Ware.
(Optional) Help Sister Mai.
Leads to: The Heretic
Leads to: Witch Hunt
Leads to: The Trial of Brother Devin
Leads to: Ablutions
Reward: 300 XP

Detailed walkthrough

What Atom Requires is an overarching quest that has no actual target itself but serves as a checklist for a number of different Children of Atom side quests instead.

Finishing any of these quests also marks the respective optional task from What Atom Requires as complete. Once all active optional tasks are completed, What Atom Requires will be considered finished as well, resulting in gaining the appropriate reward in XP.

Note that only the first three tasks are given by default once the quest is started; the prompts to help Mai and Ware appear upon overhearing ambient chatter of random Children of Atom in the Nucleus, or simply by talking to the quest givers. Both related quests can also be done after What Atom Requires has been finished.

Quest stages

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
10 Help the Children of AtomI've joined the Children of Atom. If I want to really earn a place for myself in this family, it'd probably be worth asking around to see if anyone could use my help.
10 (Optional) Assist the Grand Zealot
10 (Optional) Show the Icon to the High Confessor
300 (Optional) Help Zealot Ware
400 (Optional) Help the High Confessor
500 (Optional) Help Sister Mai
600Quest finishedI've aided the brothers and sisters of the Nucleus, proving my worth to Atom and his Children.
750Quest failedQuest Failed