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This is a transcript for dialogue with Maude.

Topics Edit

GREETING GREETING Fear 50 {Player in combat} Oh my! Keep me out of this! 1
GREETING Neutral 50 Hello, stranger. You looking for a good time? 2
GREETING Neutral 50 Don't see many or your kind here in the Casa. Women, I mean - who ain't working. 3
GREETING Neutral 50 Always knew there was something wrong with Dermot and Saint James. Neither one ever got busy between my legs! 4
GREETING Neutral 50 Been enjoying your time at the Casa? 5
VFreeformCasaMadridWestsideMaudeTopic000 Aren't you kind of old to be doing this? Neutral 50 Old but spry, honey. So long as my back don't give out, I can make a living lying on it. 6
Happy 50 May not be as fresh as Sweetie or Jimmy, but Pretty Sarah keeps me around for a good reason - experience! 7
VFreeformCasaMadridWestsideMaudeTopic001 You work for Pretty Sarah? Neutral 50 That's right. Strange at first, having a woman for a pimp, but she's tough enough to handle any trouble so far. 8
VFreeformCasaMadridWestsideMaudeTopic002 Tell me about Sweetie. Neutral 50 She's a good earner. {sour grapes} Of course, she don't care who she sleeps with or what they do to her. 9
VFreeformCasaMadridWestsideMaudeTopic003 I'd like your services. Neutral 50 {Male PC} Best prices around so long as {alluding to anal sex} you don't try putting anything someplace it was never intended. How's that sound? 10
I'd like your services. Disgust 5 {Female PC} {disapproving} If you're looking to get perverted, go talk to Sweetie. She's less particular than I am. 11
I'd like your services. Neutral 50 No discounts for repeat customers... {senile, uncertain} I think we did it before, anyways. 12
VFreeformCasaMadridWestsideMaudeTopic004 Goodbye. Neutral 50 {Male PC} You know where to find me, honey. 13
Goodbye. Neutral 50 {Female PC} Good luck. 14
VFreeformCasaMadridWestsideMaudeTopic005 <75 caps> What the hell. Let's do it. Neutral 50 You won't notice anything once the lights are out, hon. The places that count are still firm enough... 15
<75 caps> What the hell. Let's do it. Neutral 50 Well, don't just stand there. I ain't getting any younger. 16
VFreeformCasaMadridWestsideMaudeTopic006 <75 caps needed> I don't have enough caps on me. Anger 5 Well, I'm not a goddamn charity, so come back when you do. 17
VFreeformCasaMadridWestsideMaudeTopic007 No thanks. Neutral 50 I'll be right here if you change your mind, honey. Just let me know. 18
VFreeformCasaMadridWestsideMaudeTopic008 What do you know about Jimmy? Neutral 50 I suppose he's okay, for one of {disapproving of his homosexuality} those. I suppose Pretty Sarah's got to cover every sort of customer. 19
VFreeformCasaMadridWestsideMaudeTopic009 What do you know about Dermot and Saint James? Neutral 50 Those boys been living here a while now. They sell salvage and do all right. I never been with either of them. 20
Neutral 50 That Saint James is all over Sweetie every time he rustles up the caps to afford her. She says he's peculiar but who isn't? 21

Conversation Edit

GOODBYE Goodbye. Neutral 50 {Male PC} You know where to find me, honey. 22
Goodbye. Neutral 50 {Female PC} Good luck. 23
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