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This is a transcript for dialogue with Marco.

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GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 {Player in combat} {deadpan} You look busy. Talk to me later. 1
GREETING Neutral 50 {playing at being a showman} Welcome to the Casa Madrid - cheapest, cleanest whores in all New Vegas. If you want to know the rates for poon, talk to the whores. 2
GREETING Neutral 50 {sarcastically} Thanks a lot. I'm out Dermot and St. James's rent - and they paid regular - and once they get to stinking I'll have to clean up the mess, too! 3
GREETING Neutral 50 Yeah? What is it? 4
VCasaMarcoAboutMaude Tell me about Maude. Neutral 50 Old Maude... Sometimes you can afford the creamy veal of a Sweetie, and sometimes you got just enough caps to buy a tough piece of jerky. {Ha!} 5
VFreeformCasaMadridWestsideMarcoTopic000 Is this apartment building yours? Neutral 50 Yep, for a few years now. Guess I should be calling it Casa Marco or something, but I haven't changed the signs. 6
Neutral 50 Folks who can't pay their way onto the Strip need a place to stay, too. And when Pretty Sarah set her whores up here, the Casa went full-service.{Ha!} 7
VFreeformCasaMadridWestsideMarcoTopic001 Tell me about Dermot. Neutral 50 Roughneck prospector is all I hear, good at what he does. Been renting a room here for a year or so - nothing special. 8
VFreeformCasaMadridWestsideMarcoTopic002 What do you know about Jimmy? Neutral 50 Him? {Ha!} Caesar's Legion taught him everything he knows. I bet there's a pound of sand ground into his palms and knees!{Ha!} 9
Neutral 50 Knowing Jimmy, I'm sure he took good care of them. {Ha!} I'm surprised he ran away! 10
VFreeformCasaMadridWestsideMarcoTopic003 Tell me about Sweetie. Neutral 50 Oh, I know everything - how she smells, how she tastes, how it feels to slip her on and wiggle.{Ha!} 11
Neutral 50 Damn fine woman, but damn expensive, too. Just ask Saint James - he spends near every cap he gets on Sweetie's sweets.{Ha!} 12
VFreeformCasaMadridWestsideMarcoTopic004 Goodbye. Neutral 50 Catch you later, then. 13
VFreeformCasaMadridWestsideMarcoTopic005 Tell me about Pretty Sarah. Neutral 50 Ain't so pretty, is she? Not since she had a run-in with those Fiends over near McCarran.{Ha!} 14
Neutral 50 This Fiend named Cook-Cook on account of the flamethrower he wears? He had his way with Sarah, every way it can be done. 15
Neutral 50 Then he starts frying her up for kicks. Guess it was how he signed his work. {Ha!} 16
VFreeformCasaMadridWestsideMarcoTopic006 I had questions about your tenants. Neutral 50 Like who? 17
VFreeformCasaMadridWestsideMarcoTopic007 Never mind. Neutral 50 All right, then. 18
VFreeformCasaMadridWestsideMarcoTopic008 Know anything about Saint James? Neutral 50 Guy's unstable, but he pays his rent and Sweetie seems to like him all right. 19
VFreeformCasaMadridWestsideMarcoTopic009 Can you tell me anything about Anderson? Neutral 50 Good man. He's one of the Followers of the Apocalypse. He's the one who taught people around here how to start growing crops. 20
Neutral 50 Westside wouldn't be what it is without Anderson helping us out, so I cut him a deal on his rent. 21

Conversation Edit

GOODBYE Goodbye. Neutral 50 Catch you later, then. 22
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