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This is a transcript for dialogue with Jimmy, a prostitute in Casa Madrid Apartments..


GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 {Player in combat} Hey, don't drag me into this! 1
GREETING Happy 50 {Male PC} Hey, mister, looking to relax? Looks like you carry a lot of tension in your shoulders... {mischievous} and upper thighs. 2
GREETING Neutral 50 {Female PC} Sorry, ma'am, but my services are {archly} "members only," all right? You might try Sweetie. 3
GREETING Neutral 50 That situation with Dermot and Saint James must've been stressful. Looking to relax? 4
GREETING Neutral 50 {Male PC} Glad you came back. You wanna get together with me? {flirtatious and mischievous} 5
GREETING Neutral 50 {Female PC} Still wasting your time in this pit, honey? {archly} 6
VFreeformCasaMadrid1EJimmyTopic000 Been working here long? Neutral 50 Half a year or so. The Casa's a dump and Marco's a pig, but Pretty Sarah makes sure I don't get hassled. 7
Neutral 50 I don't get as many customers as Sweetie or Maude. But the customers I do get always come back. 8
VFreeformCasaMadrid1EJimmyTopic001 I hear you were a slave of Caesar's Legion. Neutral 50 What Marco said is true. The Legion attacked my village when I was 16. 9
Neutral 50 My parents were killed as examples. The rest of us, chained and dragged to some kind of camp. A Centurion there chose me as his tent servant. 10
Neutral 50 He was handsome, and gentle, most of the time. Said it was our secret, and he'd protect me. Gave me little gifts, stupid things. 11
Neutral 50 But Caesar punishes homosexuality with death, and we nearly got caught, and there were suspicions. So when he took me out into the desert... 12
Neutral 50 Well, I knew he was going to get rid of me. So I kicked him where it counts and I ran. And then swam. And ran some more. Wound up here. 13
I hear you were a slave of Caesar's Legion. Neutral 50 Baby, who I am doesn't matter. I'll be anybody you need me to be. It's better that way, you'll see. 14
I hear you were a slave of Caesar's Legion. Neutral 50 I'm just a fantasy come to life. But you already knew that. {playful} 15
VFreeformCasaMadrid1EJimmyTopic002 Sounds like life in the Legion is tough. Neutral 50 It's tough on both sides of the fence, really. I think women have it worse. They're like money, given as rewards. {Shakes head} Breeding stock. 16
Neutral 50 Honestly, as long as men meet obligations and the child count, "friendships" are a sight more equal than the level of most Legion husbands and wives. 17
VFreeformCasaMadrid1EJimmyTopic003 That's quite a story, Jimmy. Neutral 50 Yeah, I lived through it. I like it here better. 18
VFreeformCasaMadrid1EJimmyTopic004 Tell me about Pretty Sarah. Neutral 50 She's an honest woman. Splits the earnings fair, and keeps Sweetie and Maude in line. 19
Neutral 50 Minds her own business, too. She knows what it's like for people to go through things they'd rather not talk about. 20
VFreeformCasaMadrid1EJimmyTopic005 How much for your services? Neutral 50 {Male PC} A pittance, sugar - and I'll leave you without a care in the world. 21
How much for your services? Neutral 50 {Female PC} Sorry, ma'am, but ain't enough caps in all of New Vegas to make me do that. Nuh-uh. 22
How much for your services? Neutral 50 {Male PC} Same price as before, sugar, and the same fun, too. 23
How much for your services? Neutral 50 {disgusted by memory of having sex with a woman} I told you, I ain't ever doing that again - ever. It was like being a slave all over again. 24
VFreeformCasaMadrid1EJimmyTopic006 <200 caps> Let's do it. Neutral 50 Oh, we will, sugar. We will. 25
<200 caps> Let's do it. Neutral 50 I'll do my best to live up to my last performance. 26
VFreeformCasaMadrid1EJimmyTopic007 Not interested. Neutral 50 {Male PC} You can play hard-to-get. I understand. I know the game. 27
Not interested. Neutral 50 {Female PC} Oh honey, I know you're interested. I just don't go that way is all. 28
VFreeformCasaMadrid1EJimmyTopic008 <200 caps needed> I'm kind of short on caps right now. Neutral 50 No freebies, Sugar. Not even for you. 29
VFreeformCasaMadrid1EJimmyTopic009 Goodbye. Neutral 50 See you. 30
VFreeformCasaMadridWestsideJimmyTopic000 {Confirmed Bachelor}Back rubs are a specialty of mine. Maybe I'll show you sometime. Happy 30 Oh, I think I'd like that. A lot. Maybe even give you a discount for my... company. 31


GOODBYE Goodbye. Neutral 50 See you. 32