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This is a transcript for dialogue with Clayton Ettienne.


GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 Hi there. Welcome to the Westside Co-op. I'm Clayton Ettienne. Let me know if you have any questions. 1
GREETING Neutral 50 Welcome back. How can I help you? 2
GREETING Neutral 50 Uh... hi. 3
vDialogueWestside1EEttienneTopic000 Tell me about the co-op. Neutral 50 It might not look like much, but it's what keeps us Westside locals independent. 4
Neutral 50 We started it a few years ago. I admit, we had a lot of trouble at first, but eventually we got some help from Tom Anderson with the Followers. 5
Neutral 50 We're finally to the point where the co-op members can start making money from sales instead of just breaking even. 6
vDialogueWestside1EEttienneTopic001 Show me what you have for sale. Neutral 50 All right. 7
vDialogueWestside1EEttienneTopic002 Goodbye Neutral 50 See you later. 8
vDialogueWestside1EEttienneTopic003 I'm here to talk to you about our new "business" arrangement. Neutral 50 Oh... that. Yes. Anderson filled me in on the details. Just let me know when you'd like your... order to be filled. 9
vDialogueWestside1EEttienneTopic004 I'm here for my "special" order. Sad 20 {sighing} Yes, it just came in. Here's all of it. 10
I'm here for my "special" order. Neutral 50 I'm sorry, but your order won't be in for a while. Please come back in a day or two. 11
vDialogueWestside1EEttienneTopic005 What's your story? Neutral 50 Well, I've lived in Nevada all my life. Started out in New Reno, but headed down here as soon as I got the chance. 12
Neutral 50 If you can believe it, things are even worse back home. The whole city's still run by crime families. Used to be the Mordinos and Wrights. 13
Neutral 50 Now it's the Wrights and Van Graffs. Seems like things never get better. Anyway, that's all behind me now. 14
vDialogueWestside1EEttienneTopic006 I know how the Westside farmers have been getting their water. Neutral 50 Uh... okay, look... first, I didn't have anything to do with that trooper. That was all Anderson. 15
Neutral 50 Second, even though the whole scheme was Anderson's idea, it's the only way the co-op could stay in business. The water means everything. 16
vDialogueWestside1EEttienneTopic007 Whose idea was it to use the kid? Neutral 50 It was Hector's idea, if you can believe it. He overheard me talking to Anderson about his idea to divert the water over here. 17
Neutral 50 We needed someone to be able to go into the cisterns and get the water out, but any of us would be suspicious. Hector volunteered. 18
Neutral 50 He said that no one pays attention to him, even with his brahmin. Anderson and I argued, but eventually we decided to let him go ahead with it. 19
Neutral 50 Look, this affects all of us, even Hector. What were we supposed to do, let all of our gardens die? Watch Westside fall apart? 20
vDialogueWestside1EEttienneTopic008 What went down with Anderson and Corporal White? Neutral 50 Pretty much what you'd expect. White talked to Hector and then went to talk to Anderson. 21
Neutral 50 White made the mistake of assuming that because Anderson's a Follower of the Apocalypse, he wouldn't try anything. 22
Neutral 50 Anderson acted docile, but as soon as White turned to go, Anderson shot him in the back. At least that's what Anderson told me. 23
vDialogueWestside1EEttienneTopic009 I'm leaving. Neutral 50 Wait... what are you going to do? 24
vDialogueWestside1EEttienneTopic010 I'm going to have a chat with Anderson. Don't worry. Neutral 50 You're the one who should be worried. Good luck. 25
vDialogueWestside1EEttienneTopic011 [Say nothing.] Neutral 50 Please, just... don't let them shut down the co-op. 26
vDialogueWestside1EEttienneTopic012 Hope you're not too attached to this place. Neutral 50 Fuck! 27


GOODBYE Goodbye. Neutral 50 See you later. 28