The Weston water treatment plant is a pre-War facility in the Commonwealth infested by mirelurks and super mutants in 2287.


Built in 2051, the Weston water treatment plant was part of a decade-long plan to modernize the city's aging sanitation systems[1]. The facility was equipped with advanced Mark-VI flood control pumps, which Theodore Marks believes to be the only non-cheap equipment in the facility.

A memo contained on the terminals within the treatment plant imply that it was the source of an outbreak of cholera; potentially a result of aforementioned cheap equipment and general negligence.[2] Prior to the Great War, Saul Arenson was the plant's operations manager and was preparing a press event for their Weston WELLness press initiative. At the same time, Theodore Marks successfully water-proofed the facility's automated turrets, while Emmis was injured in a work accident[3]. Decades after the Great War, rising sea levels overwhelmed and flooded the facility.[1]


The facility is a water treatment plant with a series of ring-shaped open-air basins containing water on the eastward side. Around and across these basins, super mutants have constructed a series of walkways and are patrolling them. These mutants are armed with rocket launchers and sniper rifles. There is at least one super mutant suicider with a mini nuke. The trailers and shack in the very middle of the basin have floor traps in their entrances, including a tripwire-activated missile launcher. A mattress and two sleepings bags can be used in the shacks outside.

Inside the facility, the Sole Survivor can check the entries of the front office terminal which will update the map. Around the corner is a toilet with a first aid kit. Next to the stairs is a locked door (Advanced) which has some goodies behind it. The player character can go up to the roof via a ladder, and there is a cache of goodies behind a locked safe (Expert) and a terminal (Novice).

Down the elevator, the player character is led to a series of rooms with locked doors. These doors can only be opened by pressing a large red button beside them, and they can only be opened when the button is illuminated red. If the button is not lit, it means the section beyond is flooded. To traverse the level, the player character must activate a series of pumps to drain sections. This will expose the Sole Survivor to attacks from mirelurks that are living in the water treatment plant. The lower levels are also guarded by a total of ten machine gun turrets.

Upon exiting the elevator to the lower level, there is a turret to the left and a locked door (Novice) with some ammo boxes behind it. To the right (the room with the Picket Fences skill book), there is a computer terminal and a locked safe (Expert). This terminal gives the option to disable all automated turrets in the section.

Notable loot

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  • The shallow water surrounding the Weston Water Treatment Plant will not raise radiation levels, but be careful of sinkholes inside and around the plant which can give up to 10 Rads/s. Staying close to the fences and walls or using walkways will generally keep the Sole Survivor safe from the radiation.
  • The Sole Survivor cannot hijack the turrets using the turret override program on the facilities terminal in the lower level, in the room on the right.
  • The front office terminal implies that Nut Island drinking water was poured into empty Weston Water cartons during the Weston WELLness media event.
  • The front office terminal will also mark the location of Warwick homestead on your map upon reading the [Office Supply Order] note, it having been the site of the Nut Island wastewater treatment plant pre-War.
  • Completing the quest Troubled Waters causes the water level around the plant to drop significantly, making the plant no longer flooded.


The Weston water treatment plant appears only in Fallout 4.

Behind the scenes

  • Weston Reservoir is located west of this site in real life. The site itself is on top of an aqueduct from that reservoir and is the former site of Norumbega Park, an amusement park that fell out of popularity after World War II, and its namesake, Norumbega Tower.
  • On the front office computer, one of the listings is the Office Supply Order for the week of 10/17. It lists office supplies that are to be ordered for the Weston WELLness event. One is 50 gallons of Nut Island drinking water. This may be a reference to the Nut Island effect, where in real life, the wastewater treatment plant on Nut Island became increasingly detached from management, which lead to a series of plant failures culminated in a massive four-day discharge of untreated sewage in January 1976.


  • PCIcon pc Be careful with the exit elevator that becomes available when the mission is over. It is possible to get stuck inside permanently, forcing one to reload a previous save. [verified]
  • PCIcon pc If you're "stuck" (elevator or pump control switch won't work) open console ` and type "coc WestonWaterTreatmentExt" then "resetinterior 6fe2f" without quotes. The alternative is to reload a previous save, however, it seems the elevator and pump control switch won't work until you relaunch the game. [verified]
  • PCIcon pc Playstation 4Icon ps4 On approach it is possible that a Brotherhood of Steel Vertibird will attack the super mutants outside the facility, but the Vertibird will fly into the raised section of highway above the facility repeatedly and then crash. [verified]



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