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The Westing Estate is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287.


Coach Westing and his family once owned this idyllic slice of riverfront property after his retirement from baseball, but now it is a mirelurk swamp. However, it holds some treasures of a bygone era that Moe Cronin of Swatters in Diamond City market, is extremely keen on finding.[1][2]


The area consists of a few flooded houses situated in a low-lying area next to the Charles River. Behind the houses are some junk walkways, two small shacks, and a playground UFO. There is a gate around the front.

Notable loot

  • Unstoppables issue #3 - In the northwest shack at the corner of the walkway (the shack where the signed baseball card is found).
  • A signed catcher's mitt, a signed baseball, and a signed baseball card for the quest Out in Left Field.
    • The catcher's mitt is in the destroyed garage, inside of a toolbox.
    • The baseball is on the second floor of the house, inside a Novice locked safe.
    • The card is in the makeshift watchtower, inside of a chem cooler.

Related quest

  • Out in Left Field: Moe Cronin in Diamond City wants help finding three baseball relics said to have been left behind in the old Westing Estate.


The Westing Estate appears only in Fallout 4.

Behind the scenes

In the documentary The History of Bethesda Game Studios, an early map for Fallout 4 is shown. A location called "Flooded Playground" can be seen where Westing Estate is in-game, indicating the location was changed into its current form sometime during development.


Icon ps4.png Icon xboxone.png The signed baseball relics may respawn about a week after the quest Out in Left Field is completed, so the player character may go back to Westing Estate and acquire another set to be kept as souvenirs if they wish. However, once taken, the second set cannot be removed, dropped, or sold, and if a third set or more are taken, they will begin to stack within the player character's inventory. The only way to fix this is to talk to Moe in Diamond City again. No matter how many relics have been acquired, he will act as if the Sole Survivor has all three and his quest will end again, despite never receiving it a second time.[verified]



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    The well-to-do Westing family once owned this idyllic slice of riverfront property. Now this is a Mirelurk swamp. Moe Cronin, of Swatters in Diamond City Market, is extremely keen on finding baseball relics from a bygone age. Unlock the safe (Novice), find the toolbox, and locate the cooler to find them."
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